Big Hero 6: Reloaded ・ 大英雄天團

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Happy New Year 2015!
Yeah, a whole new beginning started. lol
Big Hero 6! Our 1st video project in 2015!
We're still referring to last year's first project - Ice Of Phoenix, along with the birthday wishes video project as our beginning of the new year.
Big Hero 6 also was a very successful adaptation of Marvel Superhero Comics of the same name as the blueprint.
based on the Big Hero 6 characters and story with Japan background, so we've very intimate and feeling of familiarity in the video making process.

I was most excited about the project varied content.
The works amazing creativity itself wasn't any affected because of copyright issues but instead make its images and music editing more remarkable!
Enjoy! I'm very sure, even if you have not seen the movie, but still would be like me fell in love with this piece!

Post & Article by Archer

Big Hero 6

Images Re-Edited by

Background Music, Sound effects & Actors lines Re-Edited by
personasnowvilliers & personahyacinth

Music Source
Fall Out Boy

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Big Hero 6 Copyright (c) All Rights Reserved by Disney.
Immortals Copyright (c) All Rights Reserved by Fall Out Boy.
All Publishing Creations Only for Privately enjoyment and NO copyright infringement intended & commercial profit-making purposes!

Big Hero 6
Version 1

Big Hero 6
Version 2

Big Hero 6
Version 3

Big Hero 6
Version 4

Big Hero 6
Version 5

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