How To Train Your Dragon 2:Dancing With Dragons

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If anyone ask me about Pixar or DreamWorks animation styles original source that I would think about Steven Spielberg.
Even if there are serious and profound topics, he was always able humorous and fun way to explore. He let you enjoyed a visual gluttonous feast apart, further touch your heart and thought-provoking...
There is no doubt, he is indeed a great landmark film industry pioneer.

Why is so much irrelevant premise? lol
Because we improved the trailer's style from the original trailer... (again haha)
And I am very pride to say that we not only enjoy the creation of more than entertain themselves, but also always do a copycat fan made works with a our own style!

 To a few viewers who always offended our editors, if you wanna troll us, better do your homework well.
Last, for our great visitors, Because if you like our works, and enhancing you to see the film's motives, we'll feel very honored and proud! lol
Thanks for visiting and see you next project!

- Archer -

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How To Train Your Dragon 2
Dancing With Dragons

How To Train Your Dragons 2 Dancing With Dragons

Images, Sound Effects, Characters Lines & Background Music Editors:
personasnowvilliers & personahyacinth

Music source:
Dance With Dragons by Brunuh Ville
Warriors Of The Rising Sun by Valentin Wiest

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