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An Outstanding Additional Entertaining Creative!
Mo0nX'S Where is the signature -  Mo0nX?

This was we second time introducing artist - Mo0nX / Michael.
Normally, we introduced and discussed by a particular artist once, hardly giving special attention again. (We don't wanna our postings repeat and boring...)
So, why again? lol
Enjoy a creation very easy to lose freshness. Want to stand out from countless monotony of works, need more ingenuity of course.
Mo0nX found a very interesting point - signature. Most artists, they just want to do their best to maintain the security of their works, branded the signature on the role's body in the works.
(ugly and serious demerit points!) Must be honesty to myself and never wanna comment to those works with false praise.
But Mo0nX is very different! Searching for his signature in the works is a very intelligent enjoyment! Wanna try? Recently its degree of difficulty to improve a lot lol How many you can find?

◆ Searching Mo0nX

For those artists who wanna earn more supporters, truth is, if got high quality models and great programs, most people would create great job. But rare people would spend more ideas into their works for the viewers just like Mo0nX did.
So, time after time, how many true viewers they could keep in the end? I won't tell but glad to wait and see for fun (gloating lol I hate DeviantART Titans), they have to figure out by self.

If you are interested in his works, welcome to visit his DeviantART page and Sincerely wish that his career will be smooth sailing!

Mo0nX / Michael


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