Introduction News:Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Follow-up 6

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OK! This time,
 Square Enix published the last one of the main characters of Final Fantasy XIII series - Vanille!
Ever since she woke up, she seemed to become another person who also owned a special power.
Now she is protected by the Salvation Academy of Luxerion in the worship the supreme God Buniberzei's Cathedral as a virgen.
In this episode, Lightning will help Fang stop Vanille conducts a taboo ritual.

Oerba Dia Vanille (ヲルバ=ダイア・ヴァニラ)

Become An Executing Mysterious Ritual's Virgen

Just more waiting for a while. All suffering would be end soon...

In Final Fantasy XIII, Vanille became a crystal to support the Cocoon with Fang.
With the passage of time, Vanille awakened with Fang a few years ago, she also owned a special power of being able to hear the voice of the dead.
Now she is protected by the Salvation Academy in the worship the supreme God Buniberzei's Cathedral as a virgen.
As we see now, Vanille had turn a deaf ear to Fang's voice, and continues her mysterious ritual. What would happen after the ritual!? ...

数年前にファングとともに目覚める。死者の声を聞くことができるという特別な力を持った彼女は、聖女として、ひとり救世院に保護されている。今が見るようにファングの声にも耳を貸さず、儀式を続けるヴァニラ。この儀式はいったい……!? )

Lightning's new outfit introduction: Crescent Moon
ウェア紹介: クレセントムーン

Crescent Moon that specializes in flame attack, and equipped Crescent Moon that ATB maximum value is increased. But it also is attached abilities of a lot of ATP consumption.


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ウェア紹介: パラディン

Paradin owned the soul of Holy Knights attached. Can use its high guard performance to combo magic attack in a certain length of time guard.


Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Introduction News Index:

ウェア紹介: ストライダー

Strider, when ATB reduced, its ability of magic attack enhancement would be trigger. In other words, magic specialized type is recommended with the equipment.


Article by Archer

Japanese translation by Sherry & Jake

post by  Archer & Jacinthe

Worship the supreme God Buniberzei's Cathedral

Hope all characters would be alright in the game... (after a long playing then got the favorite characters death that always pissed me off ) lol
Let's look forward to the game come out! See you soon!

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