Snow Villiers Creations IV

step 4th for another epic style snow villiers video and this one actually is we first finished video of snow villiers project! it described about snow villiers the largest power source -snow and serah's love- .
editors use the memories way to edit the works and collocate epic music style.

first time i watched this works ending, i didn't understand why editors made like snow say goodbye sense... then xiii-2 released, wow i got it! because snow isn't the main character in sequel! haha our editors really have keen sensibility (but i was disappointed...)

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 prologue / Snow Villiers Everlasting Promise
Public/Owner: personasnowvilliers

All Images Editing & Background music & Background Characters voice Re-editing by personaapollopersonasnowvilliers

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Snow Villiers Creations V Snow Villiers Gonna Be Alright!

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