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Snow Villiers In Final Fantasy XIII Edition:

Snow Villiers In Final Fantasy XIII-2 Edition:

These works published with Final Fantasy XIII-2 released in the same time. 
We named Snow Villiers gonna be alright! because we knew he completed his focus and dead in the game... 
We shocked but no one want to admit or mention about it...
Snow Villiers Download Contact released on May 15th. 
So many hints in the game DLC, but I think there were not people would be noticed his messages... We sincerely wish those original characters in Final Fantasy XIII all gonna be alright in the sequel LRFFXIII.

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Final Fantasy XIII & XIII-2 music videos playlist:

Snow Villiers Gonna Be Alright! Final Fantasy XIII & XIII-2 Edition

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Background music Editing by personasnowvilliers

Background Characters voice Re-editing by personahyacinth

Director: personahyacinth & Revision by personaapollo

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Snow Villiers Creations INDEX

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