TOKYO GHOUL:東京喰種 トーキョーグール OP AMV Evolution Project

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Hello, こんばんは、みなさん!
TOKYO GHOUL:東京喰種 トーキョーグール OP AMV Evolution Project is our latest works.
This was the second time that we combined Japanese anime with other foreign singer cover theme tracks.
First, we really grateful Moumuu san gave us encourage with her kawaii emoji Google+ post.

As her post, we could have a sigh of relief to say that we did a successful job lol
Thanks (She is a true artist )

イラスト Moumuu

Talking about editing this anime series AMV, that's really killing my brain cells. Be honest, I didn't watch the anime series but the whole 24 episodes I had to finish them in 1 hour as knowing the story summary while caught the scenes which we need. I only remember that I non-stopped pushing buttons - skip, forward, skip, forward lol.
The second interesting event was I found out the last episode has a serious mistake in it. If you had watched the anime series, you can also check it out.

The already fallen cloth with the wind would nonsense cover Hide (ヒデ) again (?) That made me backward to watch it again and again lol
I can't believe so popular anime would have so serious bug... *sweat* I already finished editing that really drove me crazy to force me re-edit it again in order to cut the error scene off from our AMV. Grrr

As the name suggests, compare with the original Opening theme cinematic, the project not only had re-edited the anime's OP each scene, but also made it more beautiful and more fitting our Metal cover version theme song - Unravel by Pellek.

Also worth mentioning is our another AMV with love theme cover version by Nour Khan, her elegant vocal also gave the song another level artistic conception. Unfortunately the owner not allow other users re-upload this version on YouTube so we only can privately enjoy it in our own blog.


Metal Cover by

Insert Cover by
Nour Khan

TOKYO GHOUL Ending Insert Version Cover Edition

TOKYO GHOUL:東京喰種 トーキョーグール OP AMV Pellek Edition

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