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Argentine Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
For a long time did not introduce any artist... Lately too busy lol
Anyway, it's really worth to recommend his works!
In DeviantART website by far, AnubisDHL started his activities about 1 year ago.
His works "Friendship" caught my attention, it's also my favorite one of his works.

What impressed me most was his Devil May Cry 4 works.
He also created an amazing Resident Evil 6 SWF works combined with MeMe13, and beautiful Final Fantasy XIII SWF works combined with JavierMicheal etc.
If you are interested in his works, welcome to visit his DeviantART page!

SWF Revision Edition by personaapollo
Music & Sound Effects by personasnowvilliers & personahyacinth
Shall Never Surrender Piano version by Dave Peppiatt

Devil May Cry 4 SWF Original Works by AnubisDHL

This SWF file version ONLY for Privately enjoyment & sharing of Persona Group members, further to express our highest tribute to AnubisDHL and the best game - Devil May Cry 4.
Sincerely welcome visit his DeviantART page to enjoy his original version.

Post & Article by Jacinthe
Co-writers Jesse, Sherry & Archer

(c) All Rights Reserved. Works Design: AnubisDHL
All Publishing Creations of Blog, Only for Privately enjoyment & sharing of Persona Group members.
All Creations NO copyright infringement intended & commercial profit-making purposes!

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