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Since I can't go to Canada, I will be faced with what kind of future?
- Arturo -

This was a public awareness short film from Polar Bear lovers.
Arturo is a polar bear who has lived at the Mendoza Park Zoo in Argentina for the last 20 years.
He isn’t housed in a state-of-the-art environment like many zoos now provide for their animal residents.
Instead, Arturo has a small enclosure in a hot and stifling climate.
In this way, the lonely Arturo suffered brutal treatment for many years...
Year after year, Arturo’s condition finally has attracted the attention of animal lovers from around the world.

Originally, we heard the Assiniboine Park Zoo wanted to bring Arturo from Argentina to the International Polar Bear Conservation Centre in Winnipeg.
And we also hopefully wished Arturo would be moved to Canada and get better caring...

However, this plan ran into a significant snag, because according to Canadian law - When an animal is being brought into the country must have veterinary records available for the last 3 years.
But Arturo’s breeders were unable to produce records for the last three years of the bear’s life!

Although, the Assiniboine Park Zoo planned to send one of its veterinary staff to Argentina, and assess the Arturo’s health and provide recommendations about how to better care and provide him with a better environment.
Yet, the time will give hope or despair to Arturo?

Arturo is so old now... alone living in a poorly equipped harsh environment of Mendoza Park Zoo.
He dedicated his whole life to Mendoza Park Zoo, but he never got the treatment he deserved...

Also a mention, I just know there is a dear friend be sealed mouth to publish Arturo's recently condition on the Save Polar Bear Arthur / Salve al Oso Polar Arturo
(NGO) Facebook fan page.
I have to say, we all have the rights to know any truth about Arturo! All facts not only exist hope, but also despair sometimes, so don't try to conceal any facts in order to achieve cater to the page fans' expectations and likes.

We have to admit one fact, there are so many abused animals still waiting for animal lovers to rescue.
Arturo case just a tip of the iceberg... but if we can't save Arturo immediately, how to save the other suffered brutal treatment animals?
We must to do our best and strive for any possible hope! We sincerely appeal the Mendoza Park Zoo! Don't let time slowly kill Arturo, more take care and provide him with a better environment! Now it's time to set him free and give him happiness.

Kill Arturo is a very ironic and sentimental tribute video for Arturo.
We shared it because of it contains a wealth of meaning worth repeated recollection and reflection.

- Jacinthe -

I always dream...
I really hope to see my family again...

- Save The Polar Bear Arturo -

Kill Arturo

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