Group Member Notification:301

Congratulations! Video views problems all solved!

Post update on November 5, 2014

We have two DmC Devil May Cry Works are eager for your encourage! Sincerely & Hopefully request Viewers Click "Like" to HOME & FALL on YouTube! Thanks!
screenshot  by ralvuimago

To Group Members:

   Ciao  Guys!
Let's post your 301 Frozen works here! lol
YouTube always have gray zones, the views frozen videos always waiting for fix, and those falsely claimed copyright content ID (for example: Yam112003 Endemol, AdRev) etc. In fact, we all know this kind of environment ecology everywhere...

Snorre's 301 Work
Dead Rising in the Dying Light fixed

Jesse's 301 Wroks
Frozen: Kristoff's Wings Of Heart fixed
 Password Persona Group

Tangled: The Sleeping Raven fixed

Aetos' 301 Wrok
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Pirate & Assassin fixed

Group Terminus Channel's 301 Work
DmC Devil May Cry Accolade Brothers! fixed

Even though we're going through a special tough moment in YouTube, but nothing would affect us, because we're all binding together with like-minded hearts!
Have a Great July!

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