Tarzan 2013

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Tarzan 2013
The Movie's Name We Do Not Speak Project

He found that the most powerful energy ... is love.

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Tarzan 2013

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Heya, long time no see!
Yes! A project You know who lol
Why we do not speak a title for the works?
Ahhh I have to seriously discuss ...

The movie itself owned very high quality CG and very famous story characters to fueling momentum, we also can feel the film company had magnificent ambitions.
I only can say that screenplay choreography too fragmented ...

OK, it sucks (sweat) and totally waste ...

That's why we completed a great works but no title lol
We wanna viewers feel cool after watched our works as this project's challenge.
I am very proud to say, our works completely cool! (Even if you get the motivation wanna see the movie, and then feel cheated...) Lol
After all, nowadays business advertising purposes just the same nature with this project, isn't it?
Really enjoyed the project making process and hope viewers also have fun to see our music video!

Post Article by Archer
Post Co-Writers Jacinthe & Sherry
Posted by Snorre

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