Spoiler Storm Trilogy II Save and Sacrifice

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Finally, the conspiracy of God has a step by step be exposed...
 A little girl, Claire Farron who has been abandoned by herself...Then she has been lived alone in the flow of sorrow Chaos thoughts... She is Lumina. And then appearance of a strong, but the lack of Claire Farron's humanity of personality missing person - Lightning was born....
When Lightning became the Savior, Lumina has been keep Serah's soul be safely with her together... She's always waiting for Lightning to recognize and accept her. But the 14th day has come, After Lumina returns Serah's soul to Lightning, her responsibility will complete and she'll also disappear.
 Lumina... Goodbye...

The Darkest Fetters of Caius... The Unseen Chaos

I'm Yeul... We're Yeul, too... We want to meet Caius again... We want to stay by Caius side... I want to set Caius suffering soul free... We want Caius lives forever... Opposite (Opposite)... Contradict (Contradict)...
Even God can not control our flow of thoughts... We're the Chaos...
The Unseen Chaos...

- Paddra Nsu-Yeul -

Only one Yeul wants to release my soul that just can be as she betrayed the will of all!
I have no heart anymore... Without life... But I cannot die...yet, I cannot live...
The darkest fetters have embraced me into infinite eternal...  

- Caius Ballad -

Forgotten Baptism... Wedge of Oblivion

That's so hopelessness... You even can't see through your own nature, also want to bet your life to against the Almighty God who has been rule the world!?

- Lumina Farron -

Listen to me... For save Serah that you would against the God?

Vanille, she's the true Savior... But she never know yet, she can not only hear the sound of the dead but also to guide lost souls into the nascent world...
She has been kept in the dark and also God is preparing to sacrifice her as a pawn now...

- Cid Raines -

World's Collapse Began... Bhunivelze Befall

My use value is ended already, even though I will be abandoned but there is nothing we can do...
Before I come to vanish... I'm really glad to talk to you with my own true will...
I always trust you so I'm not afraid...

- Hope Estheim -

Just run! Leave it to me, Lightning! Serah is counting on you!

- Noel Kreiss -

Stop the Wedge of Oblivion ceremony performed! Guiding the souls to the Ark of Heaven!

When the bell sounds of apocalyptic is ended, also the time of Bhunivelze Befall has come...

The Thoughts of Love Must be The Same... Embrace Pieces of Soul

I've no heart... Although I'm a fake doll who only is a creation by the hands of God... But my thoughts is real.
These thoughts must be the same with Serah's heart... I really want to help you find your true self... I love you so much, my dear sister...

- Serah Farron -

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