Asura's Wrath 3rd works 修羅卍象 2 Shura Vientiane 2

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Hello, there. Here we go again!
This works is the last one of Asura's Wrath Trilogy project.
With the experience of the two previous works, this creation's overall performance is more mature!
My big brother Snorre used 5 soundtrack music to mashup this background music.
If you never ever listen any one of those original music then you will think that this is a single background music. And images edit also is awesome as always! As our images editor Jesse said, "it's totally a Shonen manga stylish!" lol Yeah! From start to finish, the whole works is rhythm and lively in one go!
When you start watching it, you will never want to blink then waste any one second.

Asura's Wrath / アスラズ ラース / Asurazu Rāsu / 阿修羅之怒

Persona Group 2nd creation 修羅卍象 2 Shura Vientiane 2
by Snorre / Jesse / Jacinthe / Aetos

Images based on Asura's Wrath Re-editing by personaapollo

Background Music Remixed & Editing by personasnowvilliers

Behind the voice of characters re-editing by personahyacinth

天上天下 唯我独尊
Asura's Wrath 修羅卍象 2 Shura Vientiane 2

SWF Version

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