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Excerpted Article:
A person's name is like materialized his soul, and I firmly believe it. So, for the meaning of the name I'm really interested! :')
Recently I really feel bored and empty, so I use my free time to enrich myself and to seek some fresh informations about the meaning of name. XD
Snorre... This is the first name I most want to know its meaning. :')

When I started to browse internet pages with a very accidental opportunity, I found a writer - Mr. Big D Anon, who gave the name - Snorre a very attractive definition.
I was shocked, because I never know the name with the guy is so great (?) OmG hahaha XD

I really really love how he described the name meaning about Snorre!
My only, my one, my Snorre XD
It's really cool! :D awww Super!!! >w<  I must to write it in my diary! :'D

The Name Snorre Meaning Full Text:

The Norwegian definition of a Good Guy Greg, often misinterpreted to be a bad thing.
Snorre is very manly and even extravagant.
You will want to be his friend right away, and sleep over at his house at weekends.

Many people say that Snorre is an old and boring name, but it's not.
Snorre is a beast motherfucking Viking name and roots back to the Icelandic poet and Viking Lord - Snorre Sturlasson, which is related to Technoviking.

The most noteworthy about a Snorre is his drinking capabilities and his bicep strength.
A Snorre once drank 2 liters of moonshine and bicep-curled it off.

Snorre (斯努爾) 在挪威人的定義中就如同 好男兒 Greg,往往被誤解為是一件壞事。
Snorre 很有男人味而且闊氣。

很多人都說 Snorre 是一個古老而又枯燥的名字,但事實並非如此。
Snorre 是一個他媽的野獸維京海盜名稱,起源還追溯到了冰島詩人和維京海盜王 - Snorre Sturlasson,其關係到 Technoviking。

最值得一提有關 Snorre 的是他喝酒的能力和他二頭肌的力量。
一個叫 Snorre 的傢伙曾經在把2公升的月光一飲而盡的同時他那舉杯而起的臂膀秀出了令人心跳不已的迷人二頭肌。

Example 1.
Guy 1: Hey do you know Snorre?
Guy 2: Yeah he's the best guy in the world and if I were gay I would date the shit out of him.

實例 1:
傢伙1:嘿,你知道 Snorre 嗎?

Example 2.
Guy 1: Hey do you know Snorre?
Guy 2: Yeah he's the guy who drew Mona Lisa and composed The Moonlight Sonata while climbing Mt. Everest with a shark on his head and playing monopoly with his toes.

傢伙1:嘿,你知道 Snorre 嗎?

the Coolest name with the Hottest guy!!! >w< hahaha
Ahhh the most dark month in the year coming... hope no nightmares tonight... ciaociao

- Noel Kreiss -

The Article Excerpt from Jesse's Personal Journal
Snorre Name Meaning Definition Article Reprinted From Mr. Big D Anon

Posted by Jacinthe

Chinese Translation by Jacinthe & Sherry

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