Persona Group's JUSTICE LEAGUE FMV Part I

Ah, Merry Christmas-ed ^^ JUSTICE LEAGUE FMVs; Year-end project was not a grand one as my recommendation. Because I only hope group editors to create the works with happiest mood. Based on the original Group concept, I only invited editors to join this project. Along with our FMVs published one by one as 2017 activities also will come to an end.
Review back this year, I really very glad to see a simple video editors group still keep growing as our each work skills and ideas of project never stagnated in the same level.

Return to our subject lol This project all FMVs footages were from DC's Justice League the movie. Hummm actually the movie not so bad as Rotten Tomatoes said. But there were indeed fatal flaws in the storyline.

I don't want to review the movie, but there were something I really can't help myself to spit it out here.

First of all, I really really don't understand why the movie editor only kept highlight this Russian family. This was completely nonsense and broke the movie tone.    Second, I can't fucking believe it! You guys just left the Mother Box there!? At least Cyborg has to pick it up and then Steppenwolf's sneak attack happens after Aquaman, Wonder Woman and The Flash fighting Superman. That should be a big melee of three aspects.    Last, it's Justice fucking League! if Steppenwolf really is badass as Wonder Woman description in the movie.    At least, the last battle scene should be made like The Lord Of The Rings II, Atlantis and Amazon still should send military aid armies as ancient did. Even if human being is weak in the present, a planned scale of air combat scene still necessary. Anyway, the last battle scene was fucked as a 3 hours movie became a 2 hours one (Poor DC missed a chance to face Marvel's Infinity War...) ^^

So, yeah, the last battle scene should do like our MV Wonder Woman:I'll Rock You・神力女超人 did ^^ Anyway done is done lol Now let's enjoy our Justice League FMVs part I! See you guys in part II 👍 ☕️ - Archer

AquamanThe Sea Warrior・海王子

 A fan made Justice League (ジャスティス・リーグ / 正義聯盟) FMV / Aquaman:The Sea Warrior・海王子

 Aquaman (アクアマン / 水行俠) Images & Music Edited by personaapollo and personasnowvilliers of Persona Group

 Warrior by Jaxson Gamble

The Flash:Running・閃電俠

 A fan made Justice League (ジャスティス・リーグ / 正義聯盟) FMV / The Flash:Running・閃電俠

 The Flash (フラッシュ / 閃電俠) Images & Music Edited by Sherry and personasnowvilliers of Persona Group


Wonder Woman:I'll Rock You・神力女超人

 A fan made Justice League (ジャスティス・リーグ / 正義聯盟) FMV / Wonder Woman:I'll Rock You・神力女超人

 Wonder Woman (ワンダーウーマン / 神力女超人) Images & Music Edited by Yama, Harlock and personasnowvilliers of Persona Group

 Footage Editing Concept by personaarcher of Persona Group

 We Will Rock You by J2 feat. The Triple Killers

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