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This is the last post about best friends and my admiring idol artists in Tumblr... (Adult contents artists). Also, incidentally mentioning some artists there (Of course).
Anyway, they ran to Twitter already. Sure, we have a Twitter page, too. ... Personally not very keen on this...
Clearly is, we won't advocate Group works everywhere too much (Twitter now or Tumblr past, lost hundreds followers in the case though), for those who slowly follow us back Persona Group fans, since we have our own animated projects in next year, 100% sure that we'll have more coolest works for you in the future (Even the RPG reboot hehehe since we are able to create animated scenes by our own, we'll surprise you guys ALOT!).
It's just I prefer to work on Blogger. Perfect private protected and feel safety (I'll very lonely here lol). Basically, Blogger once tried to change their policies as Tumblr did. But they deleted the idea as countless Blogger users sincerely asked cancel it.
And Yeah! Keep following Blogger policies really not difficult, and we keep safe and have fun here. Anyway, I stay in my way and never change. Even though our Tumblr page had been flagged as Tumblr's overkill doing, but we will not intensify the increase in adult projects as a silent protest (Childish and unnecessary, just Goodbye at it).


 Animated by Plus Team. It's a secret project - Shin Megami TenseiPersona3 XThe Poems Of Hypocrite OP. It has been confirmed that it will be published on January 5, 2019.

DerekNgo111 (aka Derek P. N.) TWITTER

 An old friend I met when I was preparing for Snoel project a few years ago. He has an unique art sense for adult Snow works... 🤐 (Having said that, I'm very honest, when each artist who uses Snow to have unlikable amours, I will help Noel to Kill those crossover characters Brutally here 🙏 Sorry, dear Derek lol) Anyway, he's only one followed my personal Twitter as contact each other friend. Recommend to follow him on Twitter  🎊  🎉

Volt Krueger TWITTER

Volt's 10,000 Volt Thunderbolt

 The most silent friend (?) of mine. Anyway, his works are my animation lesson goal! I'm continually learning and reaching (Hopefully soon)... 😑


 Speechless about his beautiful realistic animation works. Met him on DeviantART website. Also recommend to follow his Twitter.


 In Persona Group, he's just like my child as I met 15-year-old him. However, I guess what I say to him that he'll never listen to me 😑 Skills not enough though, but gladly see him going so well by far. Really should let him get training in the wild world and Good luck to my dear bro. Follow him and train him, dear visitors 👹




 Password wolves Snow guys and puppy Noel

FINAL FANTASY XIIIAWAKENThe Infinite Lustful Grace Of The Masculine Male God's Rape-like Mating

 Password wolves Snow guys and puppy Noel

 Posted by Archer

Best Hit Series Of All Time


Snow's Religion!!!

Battle Theme

Enamoured Masturbation Theme

Infinite Lustful Blazing Semen・Immortal Promise Of The Wolves

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