PERSONA4:Dancing For YOKAI・Otherwise You Die

Don't worry, just show off your cool dance.
I know you can do it, Senpai!

PERSONA4:Dancing For YOKAI・Otherwise You Die

PERSONA4:Dancing For YOKAI・Otherwise You Die

A fan made PERSONA4 DANCING ALL NIGHT AMV by personaapollo, personacyparissus, personasnowvilliers & personahyacinth

Video Images & Background Music Edited by Persona Group 


I really have no idea what I was thinking during naming the video... *sweats* The title - Dancing For YOKAI・Otherwise You Die named totally with a whim lol
Even so, the video edited still outstanding as usual!
As if watching a totally brand-new video, although we extended the dance scenes with cool rap but I'm sure that you will never aware any content had been changed as it's an uncanny workmanship work...
Lol Enjoy 🐱 - Jas -

不跳舞給妖怪看的話會被吃掉哦~ 👻
HAHAHA WTF is that? My imagination totally unable to connect with video contents. Actually the video title was more funny than its contents as the video owned highly colorful dancing itself.
Personal liked this project a lot! Repeat watched many times in making sound effects for it! lol It makes hot weather cooler! - Aetos -

For this kawaii video, I have no words anymore lol PERSONA4:Dancing For YOKAI・Otherwise You Die was our 3rd fan made PERSONA AMV works after we founded PERSONA fandom channel. And this version was featuring on personacyparissus (Geez, I almost forget how to spell this word... sweating... sorry, sis lol) channel, another version will be featuring on our PERSONA fandom channel soon.
Personally thoughts, I really excited the fandom channel founded! Therewith intoxicated in current successful outcomes not as good as enjoy the growth process of hard work! So I am so glad to see the channel has an luminous beginning.

Alright, now let's enjoy the 3rd AMV PERSONA4:Dancing For YOKAI・Otherwise You Die! (This title was the most ridiculous video name since 2013 DmC Devil May Cry motherf U cke R LOL)
Seeya, guys 🐯 ☕️ - Archer -

- Aetos and Archer with Jacinthe -

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