An Exceed Highest Alert Project:Final Fantasy XIII Series Top Secret Event IV


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Final Fantasy XIII Series Top Secret Event IV!? 
This works was really difficult! lol If further explore of the series, Event IV should only be classified in the prologue.
Considered the series contents will more and more deeper into the core, If we continue to fret about the contents of this work includes gay sex that would be inevitably disrupt and bound our creative space so takes the plunge would be better! 
From image editing, background music, sound effects to dubbing we're against all odds that only for achieve realistic perfect realm! 
Yeah, we had show everything! lol
The most important thing is you'll find out this works is a very important touchstone for the subsequent series of works.

Regardless of whether this works would be favored or not. At least we always try our best to make the taboo theme creation reaches blazing aesthetic realm as the goal!
For entertainment works is concerned, we are pleased to be able to create this series. 

As for viewing works restrictions, age never is the point but viewers have enough wisdom and mature mentality.  (don't get me wrong, I mean over 18 viewers)
Greetings and wish you all the best! 

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Final Fantasy XIII Series Top Secret Event IV The Origin!!!

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