Guardians of the Galaxy・Six Stones And The Legendary Blood

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since "iron man" series, i became a marvel heroes films fan (but still not interested comics or cartoons, hahaha) then "thor", "captain america" and "the avengers" 'til now "guardians of the galaxy".
"guardians of the galaxy・six stones and the legendary blood' was a very proud works of mine.
heya, you're so lucky to find here watching my works, haha
no doubt my noel edited the coolest images as always!
but this time i added new stuff in it - mashup 2 totally different music - epic and  80' pop as its bgm.
so i'm very sure that you'll have an unique experience when you watch it.
ok, cut the crap and enjoy it! later

- Snorre -

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Guardians of the Galaxy・Six STONES And The Legendary Blood

Guardians of the Galaxy・Six Stones And The Legendary Blood

Guardians of the Galaxy / ガーディアンズ・オブ・ギャラクシー / 星際異攻隊 / 銀河守護者

Seventh Son・Hell Invadorz