Introduction News:Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Follow-up 4

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The latest Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII trailer published in San Diego Comic-Con.  
In addition to the continuation describes the content of the game, also added outfits introduction. 
Overall of trailer feels like a feast of the Lightning fashion show!

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII 13 Days Of The Savior

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII 13 days of the Savior Comic-Con Trailer Edition

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Target Enemies' Body Weak Parts

Enemies significantly increased more powerful new abilities. Aimed at enemies' weak parts then defeat them!

Equipped with Black Mage! Lightning would get new magic ability with combine the attributes of wind and thunder.

In newest Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII screenshots,
we also are more worried about Lumina's confusing words and deeds,
ostensibly Lumina provided informations kindly help Lightning but she seems has more unknown conspiracy...

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Lumina's Dark Whispers

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Lumina's Dark Whispers Comic-Con Trailer Gossip Girl Edition

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Lumina Event Cutscenes Screenshots

Lumina also called Lightning "sister"... It seems to indicate the causal relationship between Serah and Lumina.

Yusnaan Coliseum Battles Begin!

Slaughterhouse of Yusnaan Coliseum, start to figure out everything! 

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII San Diego Comic-Con 13 Days Trailer

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII 13 days Trailer in San Diego Comic-Con 2013

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Get items from battles of Yusnaan Coliseum

In the game, when Lightning in battle that she can't use MP recovery damaged. So get more useful items is very important in battles of Yusnaan Coliseum! 
Also Lightning will get different items at different times from colorful enemies battles in Yusnaan Coliseum.

New Location Screenshots

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Snow Villiers Must be Killed in Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII The Savior's Choice Trailer Edition

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