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It's been a long time no post Group works recommendation lol
We've still a long road to go, guys!
Wishfully pray to our team longevity ✌️

BATMANLike A Wolf・蝙蝠俠

BATMAN:Like A Wolf・蝙蝠俠 was our canceled project - Persona Group's JUSTICE LEAGUE FMV Part II first title works.
Put the influence results of the film negative reviews aside, it's a great pity as it didn't get deservedly attention what it should be.
In all fairness, this works was cleverly highlight Batman's role positioning and balance points of the film. Not about he owned super power as a God but humanity Libra.
It's sadly heard The Flash asked him "What is your super power?" and his answer was "Rich." as weak human being only live in nothing but a double-edged sword of good and evil.
Take this opportunity, I picked this decent work from the fallen project to you. - Archer

Persona Group's JUSTICE LEAGUE FMV Part I

Pacific Rim Uprising 環太平洋 2環球戰隊落之

(Yep! If you noticed the title differences! Even if you Kill me that we still never fix it as it's true HD and let you won't go to see the film after watched our high classic super spoiler MV - Pacific Rim Uprising 環太平洋 2:環球戰隊・殞落之章!) I had scream enough in my mind...
Anyway, I'm very honored to pick this amazing works which has been left out a long time as my Monthly Recommendation.
Please be sure to enjoy. - Jesse


魔人:Devilman・Crybaby was a works which has been brainlessly blocked in some countries.
With the speechlessly unknown rage, based on Fair Use to let members privately enjoyment purpose that I especially ask poster to create a page for this amazing edited OP works and unhinderedly enjoy it in their own individual personal space.
I have to say that it's a quite eye-catching OP style MV (... Better than the original one! pfft Fucking YT). - Snorre

Blockless Individual Personal Page


A film from expectation to disappointment but not surprised as IMDb gave 5.1 / 10. But, oppositely yes, you always get cheated and interested while watching our MVs... So, why not? Let us cheat you once again (Even the thumbnail also was fake...) for good. - Edward


Creditless Edition


Creditless Edition

FINAL FANTASY XIII:AWAKEN OP / The Race Is Still Alive and ED / No Tears Left To Cry were our self made works for Adult Fanfiction and Adult RPG of FFXIII Snoel Series.
Such calmly visual poems are delightful rarities as well as welcome to witness our growth and the journey of heart! - Jas

The Beauty Of The Crypt World

8 Months ago, CryptTV had be found when I leisurely browsed YT. Now it already become a fast-growing channel with over 1M subscribers. Everyone loves horror films (?)... huh? lol - Aetos

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Infinite Lustful Blazing Semen・Immortal Promise Of The Wolves

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