Group's Interesting Final Fantasy XV Community Memoirs Part V Final

After last night, we thought it maybe not just simply defeat the great beast - Dread Behemoth. There was something we may have missed. So we played the task again, the following is our results.
Here, I also thank to all friends who supported this project and also provided us with your amazing snapshots! Thanks again!
Now, let's enjoy these beautiful snapshots as well as their own unique theme.
See you next Timed Quest

 なるほど・・・ snapshots by Sherry

 Phoenix Down snapshots by Edward

 Always Stylish snapshots by Jack

 Obscurity Soul snapshots by Jack

Fighting Dread Behemoth seems to be able to get something we never expected...

 Assault I snapshots by Snorre

Noct powerful enough Warp may be able to stop Dread Behemoth's blizzard for a while.

 Assault II snapshots by Snorre

 Follow snapshots by Snorre

 Shooting Star.騎士の星空 snapshots by Archer

 Blazing Bonding snapshots by Sherry

 キングスナイトと騎士の王 snapshots by Jesse & Jas

 S.L.A.S.H snapshots by Yama

Final Fantasy XVDefeat Dread Behemoth3rd Timed Quest Clips

Along with completed 3rd Timed Quest, as we did a couple pairing tactics that really get more advantage than the whole party to win in Dread Behemoth battle. (Complete time full length is about 25 ~ 30 minutes)

Noct + Gladio ➞ Get unique items
Noct + Ignis ➞ Get recovery advantage
Noct + Prompto ➞ Get more snapshots

 Mysterious Treasure snapshots by Aetos

During Dread Behemoth battle with Gladio, an extremely famous legend item debuted! However, it owned major element as manufacturing ultimate magic. (I can't read so I don't know what it means LOL)

 Posted by Archer

Updated by Edward & Archer

Persona Group 1st corps members are 

Persona Group 2nd corps members are 
Jake & Sherry 
Yama & Harlock
and Edward

 超激戦・レッドジャイアントバトル snapshots by Harlock

While the night falls, for task to trip around between Hammerhead and the area of The Three Valleys and Longwythe Peak always have fierce battle with Red Giant.

Guest Snapshots

 VS Dread Behemoth snapshots by Moumuu

How many times did you defeat Dread Behemoth? lol 4th Timed Quest comes enter final countdown. Now let's wait and see... - Archer

 Hidden Figure snapshots by Edward

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 Selfie snapshot by Edward

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