Group's Interesting Final Fantasy XV Community Memoirs Part IV

Randolph's side quests

Bennu & Malbodoom

Sir Tonberry & Phalaris


Complete Randolph's 5 Quests To Get Powerful Weapons!

This time our forum was about played Final Fantasy XV Chapter 15 Randolph's side quests storyline during 21th ~ 28th February. (Because of this, poor Jesse san missed Moogle Chocobo Carnival deadline... sooo so sad lol) We choose the timing to play that's because the game also update to version 1.05 as there are many useful functions would be upgraded and... earn one million Exp to reach level 100... (wtf!?)

Actually I also have an unexpected event during completing Randolph's quests. If you're also playing Randolph's quests as well as first time enter the 4th quest Phalaris area now, must be careful as there currently being held in a hilarious Cactuar Carnival. - Archer

i suggest who play 2nd quest that Never Ever to finish it at night. that's a fucking retard idea if you did. Malbodoom never is a problem but those Malboro small mother fuckers! - Jake

Tonberry always is my favorite character in Final Fantasy series. I really had beautiful moment while I was playing with Sir Tonberries. They're so cute! Took a kitchen knife then chased you behind in the sunset... That's so Romantic, isn't it? If you play to 3rd quest, remember to slowly taste the sweet process of the battle. - Jas

In fact, entertaining features of 1st quest was very boring and no clue as watch the full screen can only be accompanied by a far distance to shoot the entire battle process when I was fighting Bennu. 2nd quest those small Malboros were really really annoying lol Into 3rd and 4th quests finally were getting higher until the final quest... Uh-huh, declined to comment, but yeah, get weapons is the point. - Harlock

Final Fantasy XVKill Naglfar・Blind Gameplay Task 1

After my friends tried blind gameplay for our GMV - Final Fantasy XV:Uncle's Gravity Is Muteki・Bromance Memoirs made clips, I also try to defeat level 120 Naglfar in this way. It's really hard to mastered, but about Naglfar... be honest, I was almost fall asleep... - Jesse

 Post United Group Final Fantasy XV Public Gameplay Clips Version with Japanese Dub & Chinese Sub

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