DmC Devil May Cry 8th works:A New Form to Kill

oh yeah, haha i love this one very much! as i always say, my noel is the best!
all my editing of the background music, in addition to the works in cooperation with my noel, i dont give a damn to anyone! hahaha
and yeah! deal wiz it! i always see some viewers complain to my noel "Very good edition... i don't like the music honestly...but great edition as always... bla bla bla"
wtf! dudes, this is a slash game, ok? my music quality is fkn outstanding too, oookkk!? all the bgm style of works is definitely the perfect match for this game! so dont fkn Wail anymore!!! sh! dont disturb my noel! just go home to play ur girly games wiz ur classical ballet music!!! 

we just want to prove one thing! more people hate this new game but also admit our works is good that's the best encourage to us!!! so haha,welcome all manly gamers & cool visitors! enjoy my noel and me newest dmc works!
and a man's request, 
if u appreciate our works also have yt account, please click our works HOMEFALL a "like" for my noel on yt! thx!!!

... additional... i forgot... this works combo wiz another awesome partner...
thank to aetos / personahyacinth! great job! haha

A New Form to Kill

A New Form of Kill
created by
personaapollo & personasonwvilliers and personahyacinth

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