ZOOTOPIA:Furry Lovers・I'd Only Marry The Tigers ♥



First of all you have deceived yourself if you only use chibi mobile phone to watch this works. In addition to crowd cheers and artificial fountain sound effects, you may unable to hear a damn thing.
Because ZOOTOPIA:Furry Lovers・I'd Only Marry The Tigers our latest ZOOTOPIA project AMV order to meet the Masculine Dancing Momentum of Tiger Dancers that had put into very strong bass drum beat.

ZOOTOPIA:Furry Lovers・I'd Only Marry The Tigers definitely is the best of ZOOTOPIA:Furry, Furry, I Love You upgraded edition from our 2nd ZOOTOPIA trilogy project! The works not only ornately extended Tiger Dancers dancing performance but also added deeply revolutionary emotions of manful youth Tigers to highlight they stand tall to fight for love between different races.
(huh? you don't know there was so deep implication in the movie!? hummm well then WTF you saw in ZOOTOPIA? pfft)

Actually ZOOTOPIA really is a strongly irony meaning and self-reflection movie. Even without to allude racism, sexism, bully and so on in the movie plot, its intro already began to reflect humanities of the current social is gradually fading away.
Along with the Stage Play from sheep cub, leopard cub, panther cub and little bunny Judy, not difficult to see that extended metaphor nowadays wisdom and spirit of animal have been raising it to a new level.
However, it also totally reflected our human being shameful darkside. Put those sporadic bullied animals cases aside, as far as I know Canada brutal massacre baby seals, China savage to eat dogs carnival, Thai monk tortures tiger cubs to death and killed lions, bears, elephants and so on countless facts already drew me to hell.
So, except the shallow furry problem vlog videos on YouTube, it touched how deep of your thoughts after saw the movie?

OK! I'm not marketing this movie's contents lol About ZOOTOPIA:Furry Lovers・I'd Only Marry The Tigers there were some different opinions between editors. That's why we uploaded three versions.
Now, let's enjoy these manly Tiger Dancers performance and look forward to our project last AMV come out!

 Posted by Archer
 Article by Jas and Edward

ZOOTOPIAFurry LoversI'd Only Marry The Tigers
Debut Version

ZOOTOPIA:Furry Lovers・I'd Only Marry The Tigers ♥

 A fan made AMV ZOOTOPIA:Furry Lovers・I'd Only Marry The Tigers ♥
 personaapollo personasnowvilliers personacyparissus personahyacinth

 ZOOTOPIA:Furry Lovers・I'd Only Marry The Tigers ♥ / ズートピア:タイガースの花嫁になりたい ♥ / 動物方城市:就愛虎大王 ♥

 Try Everything / Orchestral Background Music
 by Collin Brefka

ZOOTOPIAFurry LoversI'd Only Marry The Tigers

ZOOTOPIAFurry LoversI'd Only Marry The Tigers
Revision + No Crowd Effects

ZOOTOPIA:Tiger Dancers Dancing Steps Tutorial
Personal Work Of Improvisation (Purely For Fun)

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ZOOTOPIA:Your FUR Time Has Come・Nick Wilde Special Edition

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