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Nobody home August as usual here lol This time, let me pick an article to post. Old School Anime Trilogy is my proposed project.
If you ask me "What's your favorite old school anime?"
Usually I would say that some beautiful memories may keep inside and should not dig it out again. When I was rekindle old dreams is always disappointing those speechless ugly images and terrible scenes dubbing...

But some works are brilliant masterpieces! Baoh: The Visitor is the one of them.
Even though over 25 years already, its story structure, characters design and production level compared to present works of computer animation techniques still not inferior! For that, I suggest if you wanna enjoy old school anime, pick original video animation (OVA) first!
Borrow an Archer said, an epic anime worth pondering again and again - BAOH:The Visitor! hahaha Later I will continue to introduce two makes blood billowing old school anime.

Closer to home
If you doubt Baoh: The Visitor really is so good at all which I introduced, so don't hesitate to watch below videos! I'm very proud to give you a referral our AMV!
3 high level edited version AMV with varied remix BGM edition! I guarantee you'll love them further want to watch this anime!!!

lol without further ado, let's enjoy!

I can see the vision... when I'm 17 years old we'll meet again...
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BAOH:The Visitor・Solitary Fighter
Straight Run Version

BAOH:The Visitor・Solitary Fighter

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BAOH:The Visitor・Solitary Fighter

Alternate Version

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