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NOEL KREISS 2018 THEME Ready For It・AWAKEN:FINAL FANTASY XIII is 100% completed!
After our animator had been through school exams and family weekend weekend holidays, the project really delayed a lot, even not aware already has 3 weeks passed. lol But still very glad as its making process went very smooth to the end.

And again, this project still gave us a very high classic experience of making animation for our Plus Team.
In personal thoughts, although I've learnt a lot of high level animation editing skills from the last project. But I found out there were some clips I really have no enough skills to present it perfectly while we're making it. I should say that gratefully know there are more new things must to learn in this area.
Anyway, thank to everyone who joined this project with me. Now, let's looking forward to our new work to come out! Yay - Persona Group Plus

 NOEL KREISS 2018 Theme Original VGMV Ready For It・AWAKEN:FINAL FANTASY XIII Produced by Persona group Gian-luke and Plus Team

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 Posted by Archer



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