Group Member Notification:【Genma Taisen 2】Final Fantasy XV:Farewell! You Guys Are The Best!!!・Forever Brotherhood

To Group Members:

Finally it comes to an end... In group, I'm the 1st finished first play lol
For the titles of all related Final Fantasy XV posts, we made them as Group Member Notification to avoid spoiler stuff. It's Global Sync release after all.
In personal thoughts, overall I gave it 8.5 out of 10 (If the CGI ending details could more delicate and momentum more majestic, that score would be more higher. Its ending didn't full of cinematic CGI after all... In fact, its ending CGI quality even slightly inferior than Final Fantasy XIII Series.).
Original ideas and gameplay entertainment were high, but its second half story about older Noctis part somewhat rushed a bit.
Nevertheless, I'm sure that all the fans still would enjoy the game!

Talk about Noctis fate that seemed cruel a bit lol
He even cannot truly count a King of Lucis as he became a container only for fighting Ardyn in the Beyond. Although Regis and Noctis himself accepted the fate, (actually I'm not very liking this kind of so called destiny stuff to ruin one person's life.) at least, the great noble moral character of king is extinct in present pfft
So sad... lol

The last, I especially insist the ending meaning was - all characters were dead - as Regis, Luna, Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto shown in the Beyond last battle with Noctis together (Not only that's no reason Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto fought countless monsters then still could kicking alive, but also remember only sacrificed their own life person could enter the Beyond. So just give me a break and think about it with brain.). It's not Saint Seiya, no more shit of borrow spiritual will of allies, please.

Alright! The true logo also debut after finished the game! Of course all the best parts of the game cutscenes now need to make a project to get more fans for the game, that's what we do as always lol

Enjoy our latest GMV - FINAL FANTASY XV:Farewell! You Guys Are The Best!!!・Forever Brotherhood! You'll completely love it! See you soon ✌ ☕

FINAL FANTASY XVFarewell! You Guys Are The Best!!!Forever Brotherhood

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