Scott Winn

When someone nice to me, I always 100% return.
For some people so creative like him - Scott Winn, who owned successful business in several websites that's impossible random reply a little comment which I wrote on his YouTube videos.
But it happened... and I was really surprised in that moment.
In that time, I was sick and rest on the bed, I'm sure that his videos gave me so much positive energy while I was watching them.
I'm also grateful for he wished me to recover soon.
And then, I watch more his videos I can't help but fall into his world lol
So I wrote a post to thank him and introduce his works here!

Talk about his works, the most prominent is Dance Battle series.
Here I picked one of my favorites videos from his - Dance Battle:Old West Cowboy Vs Outlaw introduce to you!
Of course, this works is only the tip of the iceberg in his magnificent creations.
If you also interested, sincerely welcome to subscribe his YouTube channels and follow his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
Enjoy and Best Wishes!

- Jesse -

Dance Battle:Old West Cowboy Vs Outlaw

Director:Scott David Winn (Filmmaker + Songwriter + Friend)

If you like epic, musical, comedic content, then you've come to the right place! LET'S BE TRUE FRIENDS!
- Scott -


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