DmC Devil May Cry 6th & 7th works:HOME & FALL

Hello! :D It's Jesse^^
This time we published 2 DmC Devil May Cry newest works. They were HOME and FALL.
These works would be my last publishing works on my personaapollo YouTube channel.

After the trend of time, The status of the personaapollo channel already presents saturated...
On the other hand, more private reasons were my works suffer deliberate neglect and limitations.

But don't worry, I'll still publish more great works on my new channel and other members channels! :')
As I said, I just love to make videos but I already bear too many hypocrites from friends whom I trusted...
I had released my last message in these 2 videos, the personaapollo channel used to be my dearest home and it's fall now. and who would noticed? No! >:0 lol 

Whether you like new Dante & Vergil or not, I was really keen to presented this game would like to express ideas and style! Snorre and Aetos really gave me the best help! Thank you guys very much! Loveya *hugs*

OK! Enjoy and Thanks for Watching! See you soon! :D

Images Editor: personaapollo
Music Editor: personasnowvilliers
Sound Effects & Director: personahyacinth

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Images Editor: Jesse / personaapollo
Music Editor: Snorre / personasnowvilliers
Sound Effects & Director: Aetos / personahyacinth

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