Transformers: Age of Extinction・Immortal Legacy

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Each person could become an Immortal Legacy,
If you really have a firm belief in the glorious humanity.

Be honest, I'm not very satisfied Transformers: Age of Extinction.
The overall feel anticlimactic, particularly the nothing surprised final battle and less domineering end.
Personally also feel the new characters of Transformers don't look good at all.
But not too bad after all! OK, back to the topic lol
Different from the title sentence, actually this works is very irony humanity ugly side.
Editors focused on no fixed abode Transformers, for their regretless dedication but later got human selfishness and betrayal.
Based on making experience of the previous project - Pacific Rim, this time the making process was more handy.
Induce people's motives to watch the movie that's still our project purpose lol That's how we feel fun and pride for making videos.
It's worth a mentioning that we published Transformers 4:Immortal Legacy in 2 YouTube channels.
One is here, the other one we specially made a tag title for our nice friend - Moumuu san.
(Because she likes Bumblebee lol)

- Archer -

Transformers: Age of Extinction
Immortal Legacy

Transformers: Age of Extinction・Immortal Legacy

Transformers: Age of Extinction / 變形金剛4:絕跡重生 / トランスフォーマー ロストエイジ (トランスフォーマー:絶滅の時代)

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We have two DmC Devil May Cry Works are eager for your encourage! Sincerely & Hopefully request Viewers Click "Like" to HOME & FALL on YouTube! Thanks!

Persona Group 1st corps members are 

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Ms. Mr.H

Finally our MeMe13 / xTh13teeNx introduction Trilogy will come to an end.
The posting simply continue to finish Meme's short story and introduces her latest works.
As I privately chat with sisters before, we always give the highest appreciation for her special love to Chris & Piers just like our Snow & Noel.
In my personal creative principles, even if the projects exceed the taboo, just have really emotional for their favorite characters, their works would have a real heart and soul.
I really look down those nonsense crossover character couples and ripped tattoo models combined disgusting organs erotic pictures. Without passion and true feelings, what will be left?
Between both absolute difference, I'm always pride for our mature works of the passion & philosophy. That's why we sincerely introduced those owned true creative artists who we found.
Final, sincerely wish her career smooth sailing!
Best Wishes to you.

If you are interested in her works, welcome to visit her DeviantART page!


- Sherry -

Short Story

A Normal Day

Feeding an army was not an easy task, Piers felt bad for the chefs who was yelled at in the canteen. They probably did their best to make this enormous amount with a limited time and budget. Believe or not, he was a picky eater when he was a kid, until one summer his dad had him work in a godforsaken farm for three months. He learned the hard way that food, as well as those who made them, should be respected.
"Look at this, they're serving corn bread AGAIN." Andy sat down besides them, complaining about his food, "it's like eating cardboard! Four days in a row!"
"I can trade this green lump with your corn bread." Marco offered, playing with the over cooked green beans with his fork. Each had a different version of the lesser evil.
"Boys." Jill joined their table, "how's your training?"
"You know our captain." Andy gestured, "he won't let us go easily."
"Say, madam." Marco slid closer to Jill, "we've won a lot of battles now because of the good training we're getting, yes?"
"That's true, what's your point?" Jill asked, mixing her salad.
"Wouldn't you agree that good nutrition is as important as good training?" Marco hinted, blatantly.
"I see." Jill nodded, she for one, wasn't very keen on the food here either, "Chris, do you have anything to say about this subject?"
"Huh?" Chris almost finished his plate, "I think the food is OK." he shrugged, keep working on the last bit.
"Captain!" Marco cried in disappointment.
Piers lowered his head to hide a smile. As far as he could tell, Chris *always* ate like a hungry bear, not sure if he was just appreciative of all the foods, or he did not have a working sense of taste at all. Either way, Piers found it oddly arousing.

The lounge was the social hub of this base, not only soldiers visited here during breaks for a quick arcade game or two, officers frequented this place to get a decent cup of coffee as well. The boxing machine was their latest addition that became the most popular item among soldiers almost instantaneously. Its punching bag was replaced once, ever since that accident, a note was added to it in a conspicuous place "Captain Redfield is not allowed to use this.".
The legendary table soccer in their lounge, on the other hand, had been there since the base was built, a few small parts was replaced, but the frame stayed strong. Now it was holding another epic battle between Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans.
"You're going down, captain!" Piers shot the ball into Chris' penalty zone, hoping for another goal.
"Don't get too cocky." Chris quickly swiped the ball back, "there's still one minute left and anything can happen!"
"Hey Andy, come here quick." Marco yelled from the auditorium, "it's 2:2 now, you can still place your bet."
"I...don't think it's a good idea to gamble here." said Finn the scrupulous.   
"Relax, we're not betting money." Marco shrugged it off, "just bathroom duties and stuff."
"Goal! Piers now is in the lead!" commentated Jeff, "Ten seconds count down!"
Chris had the ball now, he had one last chance to end the game with a draw, "Take this!" he swirled the handle so hard that the little yellow ball flew straight out of the table.
"Off ball again!" Jeff shouted, highlighting Chris' pain, "And game over!"
Finn ended up with doing the bathroom duties for half the team. Loyalty to the captain had cost him.

The team would proceed to individual training in each member's specialized areas after their lunch break. Except Chris, who would be, in his words, "drowning in the ocean of endless paperwork". He didn't like to say his frustration out loud, instead, he just growled as they were washing up. Noticing his foul mood, Piers looked around the now empty bathroom and stopped Chris: "Hey cap, did I tell you about this meeting you're supposed to go?"
"Oh, yeah...Jill told me this morning too." Chris half-heartedly answered, wondering why his lieutenant brought this up now, "the one in this afternoon right?"
"Oh, no, the other one." the sniper tried hard to keep a straight face, "the one that's about to happen in the bathroom stall over there, would you like to join me now, captain?"
"*Oh!*" the frown on Chris' face turned into a smile, "I'd hate to miss that." He followed Piers into the said stall and locked the door behind him.
"So, what's the subject of this meeting." Chris held his arms around Piers, pressing their bodies together.
"You know..." his lips lingered dangerously close to the captain's, "close encounters and ...biochemical reactions." He could not help but smiling as he kissed Chris.
As convenient as this might seem to be, they did not usually end up making out in the men's room stall. Most often, they'd steal a kiss or two in the hall way while no one is around, or exchange euphemistic gestures of their secret language. However, the narrow space behind a public bathroom door indeed held certain wicked appeal. The faulty sense of privacy granted them as much security as the danger of being caught.
The sound of door opening and foot steps approaching led to an abrupt stop on their "close encounters". Piers made a tiny "shhh" sound and pricked up his ears. Whatever that unknown intruder was doing, he did not walk to this area. Not until they heard the door clicked shut again did they resume breathing.
"I gotta...go...soon." Piers said between small kisses, "don't want to be late for shooting training."
"I really don't mind delaying office hour though." Chris grumbled, hands rubbing against the curves of the sniper's body.
"Awww, stop pouting." he ran a finger across the bottom lip of his captain, "the sooner you finish your work here, the sooner we can go home, and take this meeting to the *next level*."
"Well...if you put it that way." Chris was delighted by the way Piers tried to cheer him up.

"Meeting adjourned." Piers gave him one last kiss, "now go and get them."

"Grrrr..." Chris moaned as he crumbled yet another piece of paper. He stared at the computer screen, on which his report was still a blank document. He looked down at the report template Jill gave him. It was helpful, but not enough.
"Com'n it's just filling the blanks." Chris said to himself, chewing on his pencil, "those are some long blanks..."
Behind his office building was the shooting range. If he walked beside the window now, he could see Piers practicing. Chris stared at the screen, but his mind already wondered into the shooting range. The way Piers stood steady, how his eyebrows would frown a bit when he was aiming, and how the corner of his lips would curl up after hitting the target...
*Focus, Chris*, he shocked his head, forcing himself to concentrate on the report. Trying to refresh his mind, Chris put down the pencil and reached for his coffee mug. "World's best captain." was written on its side, obviously a gift from his team. He would sometimes bring the mug to meetings and make other captains jealous. "Well, I bet the world's best captain can write a report." he put down the mug and stretched his arms a little, "now let's do this."

Piers was known as "the man who never misses a target.". His marksmanship was so exceptional that observing his shooting training was actually included into the rookie training schedule. Sometimes, a few lucky ones would be asked to be his spotter, and thus received some insider tips on sniping. But today, his audience was different.
Piers smirked, he could always tell when Chris was looking, even though the captain thought he was being sneaky - especially when he was trying to be sneaky. Another bull's eye, he wiped off the sweat on his forehead with satisfaction. Piers lowered his back a little more, just enough to expose the skin between the belt and his vest. *Eyes on the prize, captain* he was imagining the expression on Chris' face right now. Of all the targets he ever hit, Chris was without a doubt the most difficult yet rewarding one. God knew how long it took him to get Chris realize that they were, in fact, dating. The upside was that Chris was probably too dense to notice that he was popular. Piers caught a glimpse of the captain's reflection from his rifle scope. Something told him Chris was still behind his paperwork, better to pay him a visit after the training.

"Captain!" Piers looked at the document on Chris' computer screen, disappointed, "I expect you not to finish the report, but this?" he pointed at the barely started document, "this is outrageous."
"Sorry, I...errr..." Chris scratched his head, struggling for an explanation, "I got distracted by...umm...stuff." *I was too busy staring at your ass* was probably not a good excuse, Chris reckoned.
"Riiiiight!" Piers replied with a slow and sarcastic tone, *as if I don't know what you were up to*, he bit his bottom lip to prevent himself from smiling too big, "we'd better work faster if you still want to catch the game."
"I know...I just don't know what to put in there." Chris started to chew on his pencil again.
"Stop chewing on that." Piers took the pencil out of his mouth, and directed his attention back to the report.
"OK." Piers scanned through the document, "tell me what do you think of the new training equipment that's been implemented last month."
"I think they're good for the new recruits and those new gears added more training options for us." Chris stopped to think for a while, "but...I don't know...equipment is one thing, training drills are another, you can't just update the gears but not the...umm...software."
"And there we go, put those into writing and you have your evaluation report." Piers gestured towards his laptop, "was that so hard?"
"You're right!" Chris scrambled for a blank piece of paper, "need to write them down before I forget."
Piers chuckled, the sight of his captain being frustrated by paperwork was just too cute to miss.
"You see?" Chris glanced at him, a silly smile on his face, "I can't do this without you."   
"Just start typing, captain." Piers felt like kissing him, but he really shouldn't create more excuses for Chris to stall work, "I'm gonna order some pizza to pick up when we head home."

All day's training was exhausting, even for someone as vigorous as Piers. Therefore they often opted for food delivery or pickup. On less demanding days, they would get some fresh produce and cook. Nothing too fancy though, Chris was the better cook between them two, and all he managed to make was the recipes that had "easy" or "simple" in the names. This, however, did not stop them from enjoying cooking together. Simply put, good team work, passable food, horrible kitchen aftermath.
Today, however, was not one of the less demanding days. Piers scoffed down the pizza slices and his can of beer, not paying any attention to the football game Chris was watching.
"I didn't know you're this hungry." Chris looked at him endearingly, "or we could've left earlier."
"And turn in your report late?" Piers raised his eyebrows, "I don't think so, captain."   
"Yeah...that's my bad." Chris handed him a napkin, "how do you like me to make it up to you?"
"Oh?" Piers stared at his lover's stern face for a moment, "captain, if you're flirting, it's terrible."
"Errr, I was actually thinking maybe we could stop the game and do something else, you know, something you like." Chris attempted to reach the remote, but was stopped by Piers. The sniper cradled his chin, gently pressing their lips together. 
"That's fine." Piers replied, "let's watch the game." He snuggled to Chris, feeling relaxed and lazy. After some twenty minutes, Piers slid down and pillowed his head on Chris' lap, "I'm gonna take a nap now." he murmured, "wake me up when it's over...and you can make it up to me then."
"As you wish." Chris placed his hand on his lieutenant's chest, thumb making slow but gentle circles.

Piers woke up from his nap before Chris could do it. The game was almost finished, knowing that Piers didn't really care about the results, Chris rushed him to wash up first. He threw the empty pizza box and beer cans into the trash can while he waited for the final score.
They usually went to bed rather early, this was to be expected because of the extreme physical training in the base. However, stronger forces were at play to delay their real bed time; forces that were so primal and so divine at the same time, that both drained and enriched at the same time. It seemed that even the slightest spark could ignite a night of feverish passion.
Chris found Piers lying on the bed thumbing through a magazine when he came out of the shower. The younger man didn't bother to put any underwear on - it would be unnecessary anyway. Chris strolled to the side of the bed. He was yet to say anything, Piers already looked up. Magazine fell onto the floor, but his eyes never moved away from Chris.
"Hey." said Chris, pulling off his towel.
"Hey." replied Piers.
And sometimes a simple "hey" was all it took.

Unlike many's speculations, their union was not some show of kama sutra techniques. Most of the time, it was nothing much out of the ordinary. Their satisfaction did not come from complicated skills, nor from eccentric tricks, but a feeling of harmony that almost seemed mundane to any outsider. Only the two of them could feel the true connection that made their bodies tremble in joy, and their lips call for each other's name. In the mundane and the ordinary, pieces of their souls intertwined, inducing such euphoria that made each normal day a marvel.

Remarkable moments often struck in normal days like this one and arrived unexpected.  Chris could recall the exact moment it happened even years later. It was a lazy weekend, a day that was routine and uneventful like this one. They just finished a round of intense lovemaking, both were still in the midst of afterglow. Piers was laying on his stomach, humming a pleasant tune. His back was glittering with drops of sweat, Chris couldn't resist touching. Slowly, he hovered over, and started kissing along the curve of his lover's spine. Piers moaned in content, his voice was muffled by the pillow. Chris could not see his lover's face, he nuzzled the hair line on the side of Piers' neck, then the back of his ear.
"I love you." he whispered, placing small kisses on Piers' earlobe.
The sniper turned towards him, "I love you, too." he said, a dazed smile on his face.
That was the moment when Chris knew, for sure, that he was going to spend the rest of his life with Piers. The moment was so erotic and intimate that he almost felt wrong to have an epiphany like this, but he didn't. He was at peace; Piers was comfortably drowsy; it was just another day.


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