A Pair of Brothers Creations: Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII

First ball,
Although our creations often appear forming a pair for projects.
But I named this post "A Pair of Brothers Creations" because Snorre and Archer are real brothers. xD

This creation is based on DLC Requiem Of The Goddess & Perpetual Battlefield Edition. Main Editors were Snorre and me, it also debuted our Blog's first post.
Lightning Returns and this creation's special is that their images editing and background music both have consistency.

Since Lightning Returns had been confirmed is expected to be released next year so far, we only got some design drawings. How to make it become a great Teaser really is a challenge for us. 
This creation's main editors are Snorre and Archer, I love they add gameplay scenes editing very much!

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Fantasia Teaser

1st unit: personasnowvilliers personaarcher

2nd unit: personaapollo personacyparissus personahyacinth

Gameplay Scenes: xXMasterJ360Xx

Revision: personaapollo & personasnowvilliers

Editing Director: personahyacinth

Persona Group creations playlist:


Persona Group 1st corps members are
and  personaarcher 

This revision edition has some doubts... We think about if add Lightning's gameplay scenes or not.
The outcome of the discussions that we decided the short one be the main version and uploaded in Archer's channel.
And this one we uploaded in Snorre's channel as a Extended Edition.

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Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII