Final Fantasy XV:The Broken Bondings・Solitary King【Genma Taisen 3】

Ciao come stai? lol Happy New Year 2017!
Final Fantasy XV:The Broken Bondings・Solitary King【Genma Taisen 3】is our latest project and also the 1st one works in the new year comes.

Yeah, no need additional title as Group Member Notification anymore lol
After Final Fantasy XV released a month, finally we can unlock more spoiler limits. If there are people still complaining about being spoiler because have no start to play the game yet that maybe you should NOT so selfish and arrogant anymore.
No one need to wait any longer for your personal conditions. Also I am so speechless for heard some people play the game directly skipped the opening movie Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV, and then whined as no clue to be dropped into it. pfft!

OK! Put those trash aside.
Talk about making this kind of GMV that really was most difficult ever. Grrr Its overall seems making audiences feel so blood boiling and joyful, but actually not so easy to edit.
For the contents, I picked up darkest and saddest parts of the game story to complete. Mixed gameplay scenes and cutscenes with Glitch effects that's really my most daring attempt so far (my programs almost explosion). lol
Here I specilly grateful Snorre and Aetos helped alot for the background music and sound effects!
And Jesse of course ✌
Last, although I'm very satisfied the result of final works but I'm not sure there is any people would watch the works... After all, we had hiatus for a while (already delay so many projects because of playing Final Fantasy XV *facepalm* but I'm not the only one here LOL).

Alright, no more words lol
Welcome and appreciate all visitors enjoy our latest works - Final Fantasy XV:The Broken Bondings・Solitary King【Genma Taisen 3】.
See you next project - Jas -

FINAL FANTASY XVThe Broken BondingsSolitary King

A fan made GMV Final Fantasy XV:The Broken Bondings・Solitary King【Genma Taisen 3】

Images, Sound Effects & Background Music Editors personacyparissus personaapollo personasnowvilliers personahyacinth

Theme MusicApocalypsis Aquarius by Yoko Shimomura

Bonus Track


スクウェア・エニックスのファン感謝特別ムービーを公開!KINGSGLAIVE FINAL FANTASY XVの舞台の裏側が垣間見える?映像です。

(「KINGSGLAIVE FINAL FANTASY XV」は、ゲームソフト「FINAL FANTASY XV」と対をなす物語、国王レギスの視点で描かれる長編CG映像作品です。映像作品側 では国王レギスの視点で、ゲーム側では国王レギスの息子である王子「ノクティス」視点 で進行し、父と子の絆が描かれます。本作を通じて、ゲーム側で得られる様々な情緒に、より深みを与えます。 - スクウェア・エニックス - )

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