X-Men:Apocalypse・Phoenix Rising

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Alright! It's been a long time, the newest multi-edit project began lol
Many thanks Jack again provided the coolest material enables us to play more creative spaces! You're the best, man 👍
For the beginning, you may feel this post seems monotonous. But it's not lol
Not difficult to know from our past posts of the same type project to learn by analogy as take 1 works is the base one.

Take 1 Phoenix Rising may was my favorite part. I was completely excited while I saw Jean finally unleashes her power... oops spoiler

This article will grow because other editors also would submit their own version.
So no need to mention too much crap now, enjoy and look forward other version publish ✌️

- Archer -

Take 1

Phoenix Rising

 Password Jean Grey

 X-Men:Apocalypse・Phoenix Rising / X-MEN:アポカリプス・フェニックスライジング / X戰警:天啟・火鳳凰的崛起

Images Editor

Music, Background Sound Effects Editors

Music Source
Paul Dinletir of Audiomachine
Phoenix Rising

Take 2

Magneto Resurgence

 X-Men:Apocalypse・Magneto Resurgence / X-メン:アポカリプス・マグネトリサージェンス / X戰警:天啟・萬磁王再現

Images Editor

Music, Background Sound Effects Editors

Music Source
Paul Dinletir of Audiomachine
By The Hand Of The Mortal

X-MenApocalypseMagneto Resurgence / By The Hand Of The Mortal is our X-Men project Take 2 works.
Everything always has the karma as the most heinous sinner - Magneto obviously created by our hands - the human being...

Take 3

Quicksilver’s Happy Day (Short Version)

Quicksilver’s Happy Day (Full Version)

 Password Persona Group

X-Men:Apocalypse・Quicksilver’s Happy Day / X-メン:アポカリプス・クイックシルバーのハッピーデイ / X戰警:啟示錄快銀歡樂的一天

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personaapollo personacyparissus Sherry

Music, Background Sound Effects Editors
personasnowvilliers personahyacinth Yama

Music Source

 Music Source Only on SoundCloud. Sincerely Welcome Follow Kári Sigurðsson on SoundCloud.

 Hacking The Mainframe by Kári Sigurðsson

X-Men:Apocalypse・Quicksilver’s Happy Day is our X-Men project Take 3 works. As usual, the third one always the best, but the project also is ended here as we had got a fucking blocked worldwide notification from it. Straightforward saying; not play anymore, fuck! - Aetos

X-Men:Apocalypse・Quicksilver’s Happy Day Full Version is very cool! Sincerely recommended visitors enjoy the Vimeo edition with password. - Sherry

Final Trailer

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