R. I. P. Alex / Balvarin


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Alex at the age of 24 years, under the pseudonym was Balvarin.
From her blog published some photos of life not difficult to see her free and easy personality.
Alex and I talk not much, also I seems the last one to know that she already passed away.
Follow her years though, but our first and last one formally contact only in DeviantART website.
Since 2009, she published a series amazing fan art creations of DMC 4: Devil May Cry 4.
Too sad to think deeply her cause of death, but always regrettable for a star fall from the sky...
R. I. P. Alex / Balvarin.

DMC 4 Devil May Cry 4 fan art works copyright (c) all rights reserved by Alex / Balvarin
DMC 4 Devil May Cry 4 copyright (c) all rights reserved by Capcom Co Ltd.

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