Persona Group's X-Men Fan Made Work Collections

The Wolverine・Broken Steel Claws Edition 金鋼狼 武士之戰
X-Men:Days Of Future Past・Dark Apocalypse

X-Men:Apocalypse・Jean's Nightmare
X-Men:Apocalypse・En Sabah Nur Awakening

First of all, I was really relieved as we have completed our latest X-Men:Apocalypse project anyway. Although the result was a major disaster... lol
Now I can only very reluctantly watched them one by one to be blocked. *sigh*
Soon or later the last works should also get the ending of blocked worldwide by YouTube *facepalm*
Purely my individuality, I never mind even if my video watch views is zero. But I really hate my project incomplete! Perfect, neat and completely intact project is the ultimate goal I want! So they're all here now.

X-Men:Days of Future Past・Quicksilver

X-Men:Apocalypse・Phoenix Rising

X-Men:Apocalypse・Magneto Resurgence

X-Men:Apocalypse・Quicksilver's Happy Day

X-Men:Apocalypse・Phoenix Rising

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