The Amazing Spider-Baby

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Excerpted Article:
When I was browsing internet pages and discovered the writer - Mr. Big D Anon, but also found a very funny and cute trailer in a quite by chance.
OmG XD What a cute Baby Spider-Man!? hahaha
Yep, I still not see the movie - The Amazing Spider-Man... =.=
For the movie series, I really can't digest so quickly... My whole images still freeze with Tobey Maguire, James Franco and Kirsten Dunst...

I really can not understand people's tastes, like my videos, I worked hard to pay more efforts to get fewer results =.=
How people can withstand a story re-make and reboot again and again with no creatives(?)
Anyway, the new one didn't cause the motivation I want to watch.
Bisides, sequels will one by one popping up, I can wait then watch all DVDs in one breath XD

Ahhhhh, the Baby Spider-Man seems attracted my attention more than the big one XDDD
But I didn't expect that!!! It was... just for...

Oh God... hahaha XD

- Noel Kreiss -

The Amazing Spider-Man & The Amazing Spider-Baby

The Article Excerpt from Jesse's Personal Journal

Posted by Jacinthe

Co-Writers: Archer & Sherry

Making Of
The Amazing Spider-Man & The Amazing Spider-Baby

The Article Excerpt from Jesse's Personal Journal.
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