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Snow's Dirty Little Secret

Noel had no idea how he got into this predicament.
Noel sighed then turned his head slightly to see the man next to him.
Noel couldn't help but blush at the sleeping man next to him.

Snow Villiers was his name and he was the most popular guy in seaside city college of New Bodhum and the quarterback for the football team. He was your average tall, handsome, football stare with an attractive cheerleader girlfriend and one of Noel's best friends, Serah Farron.

Noel jumped slightly, noticing that Snow has now finally awakened.
"(Yawns) what time is it?" He asked with a drowsing tone.
Noel didn't look at him but instead looked at the black sheets. "Almost 2 in the morning"
"Really, Damn I'm up early" Snow stretched and walked into the bathroom.

Noel took the time to look around Snow's room.
It's a pretty big room with its own bathroom.
The walls were simply painted white with posters of snow boarders and rock bands and the floor was carpeted with black carpet.
In front of his bed he had a plasma TV with an PS4 underneath it.
Overall a little messed but exudes an unspeakable Wolf-like Masculine scent...

Noel looked at the dresser next to him with pictures of Snow and his friends, his adoptive parents and most importantly his girlfriend and him.
Noel couldn't dare look at Serah's smiling face and placed the picture down.

Noel turned to see Snow walking out with pajama pants but no shirt and sat down on the other side of the bed. "So do you want me to drop you off at Hope dad's now or we can wait till the sun comes up."
"Guess now or Hope's dad might wake up and question me on where I was" Noel said emotionless. Snow nodded and grabbed his shoes.
"Fine with me" Snow got up "I'll be waiting downstairs, you can go shower up and get dressed in my bathroom"
Noel nodded, still not looking at him "Thanks" Snow nodded and left the room.

Noel slowly got up and walked into the pure white bathroom.
He slowly turned on the shower and got in, feeling the hot water fall on his skin.
Noel didn't know how this happened or why it happened but the thought made him so that he's always in the edge of collapse.
He still remembers the day this happened.

A deep memory Flashback...

Noel yawned while he listened to his teacher go on about the difference between an electron and a proton until his teacher slammed his hand on his desk.
"And this is why I decided to make a little assignment for you students" he smirked "All of you will be paired with each other and both of you will created for me an essay that explains the difference between protons, electrons and neutrons" Everyone groaned while the teacher just smirk at them "Due next week so you better partner up quick." Noel looked around and saw that everyone was running around to find a partner.
Noel sighed, knowing that no one was going to be his partner.
Since Hope left because of he's invited by The Sanctum (Holy Government) to participate in Academia for research and development Time Capsule and New Cocoon Projects; besides Serah and Yeul, Noel no many other close friends here, in addition to lesson activities Noel almost loner. 

It's really hard not to be attracted and saw there was an innocent brown-puppy bewildered looking around.
Noel had not found, from the very beginning already had a blond-haired hunk was attracted by his adorable every move.
When he looked up to see none other than Snow Villiers grinning at him.
"You're Noel right?" Noel nodded, making Snow's grin widened "You're Serah's friend right?" Noel nodded once again.
Snow grabbed a desk and sat next to Noel. "Yeah she talks about you all the time. Kind of makes me jealous" Noel shyly blushed and looked down at his desk; he looked up when he heard his name being called.

"So Mr. Kreiss" his silver-haired teacher said slowly "Have you found a partner yet?"
Noel was about to say no when Snow cut in "Yeah he did Mr. Rosch, me" Mr. Rosch nodded and turned back to his desk, writing their names on a list so that he knows who is with who.
Noel looked over and noticed that Snow's hand was still on his shoulder. "You can come to my place after school" Noel hesitated a while then nodded slowly then jumped slightly when he heard the bell ring "See you then" Noel nodded then got his books and walked out, unaware of the lustful coveting stare at him that Snow sent him with ulterior motives.

Noel hummed to himself while sitting on the steps of the school, waiting for Snow to come out of the school.
Knowing that he was going to wait long, Noel decided to ask if Snow's best friend Gadot wait outside with him, but soon regretted it when he realized that he would mostly talk about his relationship with Snow.
"Some husband! Right?" Noel smiled at Snow's pouting friend. "Then Yuj said: When's the wedding, lover boy?"
"That big jerk had the nerve to answered that: Don't worry, none of you are invited!" Gadot laughed wildly.

Since Noel was adopted by Hope's father and moved to New Bodhum, Gadot and Noel have been friends through Serah.
Gadot, a loyalty and hammer personality hunk.
One of Snow's best friends.
Although it's an accident, but he's also the only one besides Serah that knew that Noel was an unique juvenile who owned unmatched virginity would make every guy covet. Even Noel himself still not figure out about his own amazing gifted.
Due to the requirements of Serah, Gadot had been kept this secret by his own loyal nature.

"So Noel... seen any guys that might strike your fancy?" Noel blushed and looked away.
"No" Gadot no choice but to a laugh.
"Noel! You need to find a boyfriend soon so that you, Serah and I can go on a group date together!" Noel chuckled at Gadot's antics then sighed.
"Gadot, you know how hard it is for me to be thinking like that" Noel said softly "I mean I haven't even establishment of family feeling to Hope's dad yet" Gadot sighed and sat back down.
"I know but I can't help it, just the thought of little hope in the arms of another man that loves him... It just so cute!" he laughed, picturing Noel and a mysterious guy embracing lovingly.
"Well keeping thinking that because I don't see that happening anytime soon" Just as Noel said that Snow came from behind him and grinned.

"You ready to go?" Noel nodded and walked with Snow to his Chopper.
"We're done with our conversation mister! I will be speaking to you tonight!" Gadot shouted at him with a manly smile.
Noel sighed and sat down in the passenger's seat on Snow's black Chopper.
Snow chuckled "What was that about?" Noel shrugged and looked ahead.
Snow nodded ride out of the school's parking lot and onto the road. "Mind if I put on some tunes" Noel shook his head and watched as Snow turned on the radio and smiled at the song that was playing
"I didn't know you liked the Ifrit's" Noel said with a small smile.
"Well Serah kind of got me into them. My favorite song is Snow's Theme" Noel nodded.
"That's my favorite song too" Snow chuckled at Noel.
"So you like them too" Noel nodded and smiled at the music that was playing.
To say that Noel was shocked was an understatement. He had no idea that Snow lived in such a large historic building.

The yard was huge with a fountain in the center.
The house was a tall three story mansion with a white and black paint job.
Noel followed Snow into the large historic building and found it to be bigger than it is on the outside.

"Hey Rygdea! (Snow's adoptive father name)" Snow shouted but got no answer "Huh, must still be at work" he said to himself. "Oh well, guess it's just you and me" Noel nodded and looked around some more "Come on" Snow motioned for Noel to follow him and walked up the large stairs and down a long hall.

Snow stopped in front of a door and slowly opened it.
Snow quickly turned on the lights and landed on his bed.
Noel walked in slowly and chooses the chair that was right next to his computer. "So I guess we'd better get start" Snow said and walked over to Noel. "Did you happen to remember what the hell he was talking about?" Noel nodded his head.
"I remember a little bit but not that much" Snow sighed and grinned.
"Guess we'll work with what you got" He said and turned on his computer.
"I can type while you give me notes okay" Snow nodded and walked over to his book bag and pulled out his science notebook.

It was about eleven when Noel stopped typing and sighed.
"I'm done" Snow got up and looked over Noel's shoulder, his face dangerously close to Noel's causing him to blush slightly. 'Get a hold of yourself!' He scolded himself 'He's Serah's boyfriend for God's sake!'
"Looks good to me" he grinned.
He sat back down on his bed and looked over at the time "Geez, it's made late" Noel nodded and knew Hope's father was going to kill him. "Guess you can stay the night, if your folks don't mind" Noel thought about for a second and nodded.
He pulled out his phone and clicked on Hope's father's name.

"Noel!" Hope's father said so loud that Snow could hear him "Where in the world are you?" His father said angrily on the other line.
"Um…I was working on a project with a friend and we just finished it. But I was wondering if I could stay over his house for the night" Noel asked nervously.
Noel waited for a few minutes until Hope's father finally answered him.
"I guess, since it is the weekend but don't let this happen again young man!"
"I won't and thank you, Mr. Estheim" Hope's father then said goodbye and hung up.
Noel sighed and looked over at Snow.
Snow grinned and lied down.

"Sweet, sleep over!" Snow chuckled then looked at a poster of the Ifrit's "Hey I have a question for you" Snow smirked "Which brother in the Ifrit's do you think is more attracting girls on bed?"
Noel blushed and shyly looked down "I-I... um... don't k-know"
"Oh come on Noel. One of them you must think" Snow looked to see that Noel was very uncomfortable "What's wrong?"
"I-I'm... um..." 'Well he's going to find out eventually' "I have no any experience about it, I'm still a virgin" Noel saw the surprise in Snow's eyes and shyly looked down.
"Really?" Snow said with disbelief "Never would've thought honestly" Snow said to mostly himself then to Noel.
"So... your cool with it?" Noel couldn't help but ask.
Snow looked over to him and grinned. "Hey, whatever floats your boat" Noel smiled at Snow and then shyly blushed when Snow unaffected took off his school-shirt and shirtless in front of him.
Noel looked away and blushed harder when Snow took off his pants completely naked and then put on pajama pants came up to him.
He looked to see Snow smiling at him. "Hungry?" Noel nodded slowly "I'll go get us something to eat" He said then walked out of the room, leaving Noel to his thoughts.

Noel tried hard calm himself down.
Noel can't be thinking of Serah's boyfriend like this.
It's wrong and something he never would have thought about in his life but for some reason... it felt right.
Could Noel be gaining a crush on Snow Villiers, the college's official king?
Could he be falling in love with him...


Noel was so into his thoughts that he didn't realize that the lights in the room were turned off; when he did though he gasped as he felt himself being thrown on Snow's bed.
He looked up to see Snow hovering over him and stared at him with the attractive Wolf-like blue eyes.

"S-Snow what-" Noel tried to say but was cut off by Snow's lips crashing onto Noel's.
Noel tried to break free but couldn't.
"Mmm..." Noel moaned as Snow's tongue manly broke the barriers of his lips created.
Snow slowly opened his mouth, a sparkling silk saliva connected Snow and Noel both tongues.
Noel Shrouded in Snow's Mouth Exhaled Masculine Scent so that he gradually lost the strength.
Snow slowly licking his mouth corners saliva then began to Wolf-like attack Noel's necks with his kisses.
"S-Snow... stop it" Snow ignored his struggled and ripped opened his shirt and grabbed Noel's head and pulled it to his crotch.
"Unzip now" Snow Masculinity ordered Noel.
Obviously, Snow's large bulge already inflated to almost bursting his entire flying low crotch.
Noel was too scared to refuse and unzipped Snow's fly and pulled out Snow's Colossus Cock quickly and gasped.

Noel couldn't believe how Colossus Snow was.
He couldn't felt but slowly rubbed Snow's hard Colossus Cock.
"Suck it" Noel jumped slightly and obeyed Snow's commands as an innocent puppy in front of the robust masculine wolf then slowly wrapped his mouth around Snow's Colossus Cock and slowly sucked it, being that this was his first time at doing any of this stuff, he didn't know if what he was doing was right or wrong. He shook slightly when he heard Snow groans.
Noel wanted to stop but Snow's hand grabbed the back of Noel's head and forced him to continuing move his head on and off Snow's Colossus Cock.

After Snow's Colossus Cock countless fucked Noel's throat deep inside up, Noel gasped as he was finally free from Snow's Colossus Cock but was forced to lie down.
Snow unbuttoned Noel's pants and pulled that and his boxers off, leaving him completely naked.

Snow quickly took his pants off and then placed his Colossus Cock aimed at Noel's unready virginity anal entrance.
Along with Snow's hips muscle continually tighten, his robust waist start to forward pushed his Colossus Cock "P-Please Snow... Don't" Snow ignored Noel once more and slowly entered the inexperienced juvenile.

"H-HEEEM-AHH" Noel loudly moaned at the unimaginable pain and looked away, but
Snow grabbed Noel's head and forced him look at him.
Along with Snow's Robust Hips Infinite Lustful Swing back and forth, Snow's Colossus Cock thrust became more and more faster and harder.
Noel couldn't help but shyly blushed at how Snow looked so handsome with only the moonlight touching his tough yet soft skin.
Noel slowly touched his face, rubbing softly on his beard, and kissed him, not realizing what he was doing.

Snow groaned into the kiss and continued to Barbaric thrust his Robust Colossus Cock drilling the inexperienced juvenile anal deep inside with his Robust Hips Infinite Lustful Swing back and forth action. 
"N-Noel... you feel so good" Noel soon moved with the thrust, the pain now turned to pleasure.
Noel dug his nails into Snow's back, leaving nail marks as Snow countless reached Noel's prostate sweet spot with his Robust Colossus Cock.
When Snow fucks Noel was the occasion of blowing hot and cold in the full swing, "AH-EMMM" suddenly Noel moaned loud as Snow pulled out his Robust Colossus Cock from Noel, then wrapped his arms around Noel and turn him facing away himself, again grabbed Noel's head as he barbarically pushed back his Colossus Cock into Noel's inexperienced ass at lightning speed. "AHHH S-SNOW..." Noel never expected this ultimate surprising pleasure and lustfully cried out his name.

Noel then felt Snow's thrust were pounding him more faster and harder, he turned his head and looked up to see Snow's eyes closed and his mouth opened wide with Wolf-like shouts of ecstasy coming out.
Noel felt himself almost over the edge and moaned Snow's name loudly.
Meanwhile Snow opened his eyes and grabbed onto Noel's waist as he continually Infinite Lustful Barbaric pounded into Noel more with his Robust Colossus Cock.

"SNOW!" Noel couldn't control it when Snow change the rhythm and ejaculated all over Snow's bed.
"N-NOEL!" He shouted as his Infinite Lustful Robust Explosive Ejaculation burst forth into Noel's anal deep inside.
Noel moaned while feeling Snow's Infinite Lustful Blazing Semen Seed spill into him.
Snow then gently fell onto Noel and sighed.
Snow and Noel both couldn't felt but let their sweat beads fall with one after another panting sound, making both them panted trying to catch their breath was the only sounds in the room.


The next morning was unimaginably awkward.
Noel looked over to see Snow asleep next to him and didn't take into consideration just got raped by Snow caused his physical pain, slowly got out of the bed into the bathroom.
He quickly put on his clothes and quietly ran out the room and down the stairs then out the door.
He just kept running with no particular destination.
He stopped realizing that he was in the forest that was close to their college then broke down and cried.
How can he go to college knowing that his best friend's boyfriend just raped him?
How can he face Snow?
Once Snow came into Noel's mind he felt so dirty and sick, because truth be told... his body loved it so much.
He loved the feeling of Snow's Robust Body on him, the warmth that he radiated warming Noel's body.
Noel stopped what he was thinking and sighed.
Why did this have to happen to him, what did he do wrong to deserve such treatment?
Noel slowly got up and walked out of the forest, hoping that this wouldn't happen again.

Flashback over...

But it did happen again and again.
Noel got out of the shower and looked in the mirror.

Since that day, Snow would act completely normal but when he looks at Noel... Noel could see that Infinite Lustful Mating Desire hidden in Snow's Blazing Blue Eyes.

Somehow he got Noel's number, probably from Serah and started texting that he had fun that night and that he wanted to do it again.
'I didn't know what to do so I went to his house to tell him to leave me alone but... we ended up in bed again...'

Ever since then this has been a pattern.
Noel wanted to stop but he started to become more sensitive to Noel's needs in bed.
He became gentler with Noel and Noel didn't know if he wanted it to stop.
Noel walked out of the bathroom and walked down the stairs to the front door.
He slowly sat down in Snow's Chopper seat and looked up the sky.
Snow looked over Noel with a confused look. "Is something wrong?" he asked the quiet brown-haired juvenile.
Noel turned to Snow then back at the sky again. "It's just…..What the hell are we doing?" Noel asked with tears threatening to come out.
"What do you mean?" Noel sighed.
"Never mind" Snow stopped at Noel's place and Noel jumped out of the Chopper and into his house, not even looking at Snow.
He walked in and sighed.

Noel's a traitor... a dirty betrayer... Noel couldn't even look in the mirror anymore, cause the only thing he sees is nothing but a betrayer that goes by his best friends back and sleeps with her boyfriend.
Noel ran in his room and fell on his bed and cried once again.
Why him?

Noel watched as he friends continued to gush about their boyfriends and sighed while looking down at his tray of food.
"So then Caius is all 'I ain't payin' no $110 for no prom ticket' and I'm like you better!" Yeul shouted.
Serah giggled.
"Well Snow didn't have that much of a problem with the price"
"That's because he's richer than a king" Yeul pointed out.
"Snow always tell me that he's really grateful everything what his adoptive father did for him. But all the splendor not belong to him... 'One day, I'll and have myself a big, happy family. Still a long road ahead.' that's what he said. It's just..." Serah couldn't help but looked down and thinking about something.

Yeul didn't notice Serah's concerns then turned to Noel "So Noel, got a date?" Noel looked up confused.
"For what?" Yeul and Serah gasped.
"Prom, you dummy!" Serah knocked on Noel's head "We've been only talking about it this whole time" Serah's face then turned to concern "Is something wrong?" Noel looked at Serah's face and couldn't help but feel bad about what he was doing. "Is it boy problems?"
"How did you know" Yeul and Serah gasped.
"WHAT?" They both shouted in unison.
"You have a boyfriend?" Yeul asked loudly "And you didn't even tell us?"
"Well, he isn't really my boyfriend" Noel muttered but sadly Serah heard him.
"What? Then what is he?" Noel looked away.
"H-He's already in a relationship with a girl" Yeul gasped.
"You two didn't…" Noel looked away. "Oh God"
"A-And I want to break it off but….I just don't know how" Yeul sat next to Noel.
"Do you love him?" Noel looked at Yeul then at the ground.
"I don't even know" Noel said softly. "From what I see all he cares about is Mating with me. He never just…..talks to me. I don't know maybe I'm trying to have someone that I know I can't have" Yeul nodded and smiled softly at Noel.
"Noel... The only thing that this will end with is heartbreak. You won't be happy, he won't be happy, it's a lose-lose situation" Noel nodded.

Serah gently placed her hand on Noel's shoulder "I know you'll make the right decision. But also think about the girl and how she would feel if she found out"
"I always do Serah, every day of my life" Noel said mostly to himself than to Serah then walked away.

Noel walked up to Snow's door and knocked slowly.
He heard footsteps and looked up to see Snow without a shirt sweating heard.
"Oh hey Noel, come in" Snow motioned for Noel to walk in.
Noel walked in a sat down on Snow's large couch.
Snow grabbed a bottle of water from the kitchen and sat down next to him. "What's up?"
"Snow…..I can't do this anymore" Noel said after a full 5 minutes of silence.

"What do you mean?" Snow asked softly, placing his bottle of water down next to him.
"I mean…..I can't go behind Serah's back anymore. I can't be your little puppy!" Noel shouted with tears falling from his face.

"Noel your not-"
"Don't you say that I'm not because that's how you've been treating me!" Snow looked at Noel with helpless facial expression. "Are you even attracted to Serah at all?"
Snow looked up then down "No….I've not…..I've never been attracted by any girl okay!" Snow shouted.
Noel couldn't help but feel anger at the blond-haired robust uber hunk.
"Then why the hell are you dating Serah?"
Snow looked away "Because I have to" Snow said through clenched teeth "I'm the captain of the Football team and she's the head Cheerleader, we have to, it's how things are"
"Even if you don't love her" Noel pointed out.
Snow looked down again "Listen Snow, I don't like the fact that not also were you lying to Serah, lying to your friends and the whole college and... treating me like some dirty little secret" Noel said softly as tears fell from his eyes again.

Noel got up and turned away from Snow "I won't become a puppy to let you vent out your Infinite Lustful Mating Urges. I'm not a toy that you can play with at your whim" Noel turned his head slightly to Snow. "I never want to see your face again" he said with hate leaking out of his voice and ran out the house, ignoring the shouting of his name by Snow.
Noel ran until he couldn't anymore and cried onto the sidewalk, thinking about how much of an idiot he has been.

It's been a month since the conversation with Snow and Noel couldn't feel any worse about himself.
Since that conversation, Snow has been acting completely strange.
He doesn't smile like he used to or talk as much.
Whenever Noel would see him Snow would always look like someone close to him just died or something.

Their Football team is suffering as well actually.
They haven't won a single game since that day and everyone is thinking that maybe Snow is losing his touch.

Serah tried on multiple occasions to talk to Snow about it but all he seems to do is either ignore her or give her a fake smile and say everything is fine.
Noel wanted to speak to Snow but then remembered about what happened between them then looked away.

Noel turned to see Yeul walking down the hall with Caius.
"Hey Noel" Yeul smiled and ran over to Noel.
She noticed the look on his face and frown. "What's wrong Noel?"
Noel wanted to tell her about Snow but decided not to "It's just the atmosphere here. It's really depressing" Yeul nodded with a sigh.
"I know what you mean Noel" Caius sighed "This place is completely grey if you know what I mean. Ever since Snow went into his emo state, guess the college decided to go with him" Caius sighed "Anyway you got a date to the Prom yet?"
"No..." Noel said with no emotion "I don't even think I want to go"
"But you have to!" Yeul pouted.
"Why, you and I still have 2 years of this place left. There are more chances of going"
"But Caius is graduation so I have to go and I don't want to be there if you ain't there" Noel couldn't refuse Yeul when she got those sentimental eyes.
"Okay I'll go but I'm not bringing a date" Yeul grinned.
"I guess I can live with that but next time you are" Noel nodded and walked away from them and to his next class.
'Great now I have to look for a suit'

Snow watched from the bleachers as Noel was talking to Yeul and Serah and sighed.
For the past month Snow has been feeling lower then dirt.
He didn't feel like doing anything but go up in his room and wallow in his own selfishness.
Noel was right about everything.
He has been treating him like he was some way to vent out his Infinite Lustful Mating Urges.
To be true, after Snow heard about Noel from Gadot, he always wanted Noel since the first day that he finally met him in his science class.
But being the captain of the best Football team of New Bodhum made it kind of difficult.
Not to mention that Serah asked him out and being the Football star he was, couldn't say no to her.
Now he felt even worse.
Serah was a nice girl that deserved better then what he was doing to her.
He wanted so heard to just jump off the bleachers and end it all.
Then he wouldn't cause any more pain or suffering towards anyone.

Snow felt someone sit next to him and turned to see Sazh sighing and looking over at Noel.
"Man you sure messed up" Snow's eyes widened.
"B-But how did you-"
"It's pretty hard trying to find something from me Snow. I know that you're finally lose your virginity after you and Noel had a thing" Snow looked away. "You know, Noel didn't deserve to be treated the way that you treated him. He didn't deserve to be a secret" Snow's fist balled.
"I know that okay" Snow said softly "But….I couldn't help it. When I found out that he was really a virgin... it just happened and I didn't want it to stop. I want to keep Noel and my reputation. I don't know what to do now." Sazh sighed once again.
"Sounds to me like the solution is simple; you my friend have to choose, your rep. or Noel. I hope that you make the right choose because wither you saw it or not, Noel loved you or probably still loves you" Sazh then got up and walked down the bleachers.

Snow looked at his feet and groaned. 'Sazh is right, I do have to make a choice, and I think I just decided' he smiled while looking up at the sky.

The Prom Night has finally come.
Noel sighed while waiting for his friend's limo to come and pick him up.
He didn't really wanted to go but because of Yeul and her stupid sentimental eyes caused Noel to be standing here with a black suit on outside of his house.
'How am I going to has him now?' Noel asked himself in his head.
Noel has now come to terms that during His and Snow's Blazing Infinite Lustful Mating Top Secret Event, he has fallen in love with him, and he hates himself for it.
'How could I fall in love with such a jerk?' Noel thought with anger in his eyes.
How can he fall in love with someone who treats him like a puppy, like they aren't really worth loving?
Noel wanted to scream but controlled himself once he saw a black limo pull up on his street.

Noel smiled softly when he saw Serah, Yeul and Caius waving from the window.
Noel walked down his porch and into the Limo, completely surprised on who was inside.
He couldn't take his eyes off of Snow, who was seated across from him.
Yeul didn't notice the tense atmosphere and grinned at Noel.
"Noel you look so handsome in that suit!" Yeul gushed.
Noel smiled at Yeul then looked out the window.
"By the way Serah you look so beautiful with that dress." Noel turned to Serah and nodded.

Serah wore a strapless white gown with golden sun at the bottom of it.
 Yeul wore a one strap pink gown with orange long gloves.

Fang wore- (writer stopped writing in a sudden and sweaty) 'more a crap word I'll kill you' Fang stared the writer deadly.

Writer quickly skipped her and continued...

Caius wore the traditional black tux that most guys were while Snow, being himself, wore a white tux with a white tie.

"Thanks, my sister made it herself" Everyone turned to her with complete shock on their faces "I know it surprised me to but hey free dress and it looks beautiful" Everyone started to laugh but Noel immediately turned his head back to the window once Snow looked at him.
This was going to be a long ride.

To say that the Prom was awkward would be a small description.
All Noel has done since he got to the prom was stand on the wall and watch his friends have a great time.
Noel sighed and looked over at Snow, who was laughing with the Football team, and glared.
'How can he be so happy when he is lying about who he was?'
Noel looked away and walked over to the food table and grabbed something to drink.
He looked over to see Kids walking out of the gym and decided to follow them out of pure curiosity.
Noel noticed that a classroom door was opened and, again out of curiosity, slowly looked in to see kids in a circle with smoke hovering around them.
One of them turned and grinned.
"You're that Noel kid right?" Noel nodded slowly and walked in "Dude you look like someone who needs to relax" He motioned for Noel to sit down next to him.
Noel looked and saw everyone with grins on their faces.
What surprised Noel that most was what they were holding.
Noel bit his lip as he saw the joints placed gently on their fingers.
"W-What are you guys doing?" Noel couldn't help but ask.
The kid next to him laughed "What do you think we're doing? Come on grab a joint and relax" Noel was about to say know when he saw the relaxed and calm looks on their faces.
"I-I don't..." He looked down and thought about Snow.
Noel looked up and grabbed the joint from the stranger's hands.
Noel looked at the guy and followed his instructions carefully.
Noel took a deep breath and gently placed the joint on his lips and began soaking in the fumes of the drug.
Noel felt weird; he didn't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.
Noel looked at the shirtless hunk who was grinning at him and smiled.
He was a strong looking guy with dark brown hair and an unique tattoo on his chest (like those small ones that takes you awhile to notice it) Noel couldn't say that he wasn't unattractive at all really.
Noel slowly began to laugh, causing everyone else to laugh as well.

Snow pretended to pay attention to his friend's constant talk about girls and how good they are in bed but he was actually looking around the gym for the brown-haired juvenile that has been haunting his mind for so long. 'Where the hell is he?'
"So then I said 'you looking for a good time hot stuff' and-" Gadot noticed that Snow was looking around the room with a worried look in his eyes "Hey Snow, what's wrong?"
Snow looked at his friend and grinned "Nothing, I'm fine" Gadot nodded and went back to his conversation.

Snow's smile slowly turned to a frown. 'At least I'd like to believe that' Snow turned to the small stage seeing their principal clear her throat.
"Okay students it's about that time when we crown our Prom King and Queen" She stopped as the loud cheers sounded out her voice.
Once the cheering ended she began to speak again "Okay so our Prom Queen is..." She stopped again, letting the suspension slowly drive the crowd insane.
"Just say it already!" Gadot shouted in the crowd.

The principal glared at him and cleared her throat again "Serah Farron!" everyone cheered as Serah ran up the stairs smiling brightly.
She thanked the principal and kindly took her tiara and stood behind the principal.
"And now your Prom King is... Snow Villiers!" Snow looked up with shock as everyone turned to him and cheered loudly.
Snow walked up the steps and took his crown and cape and looked at the crowd in front of him.

Their proud cheers almost brought Snow to crash. 'I can't do this to them anymore' he turned to Serah, who was smiling at him 'I can't do this to her anymore.'
"My fellow students..." Snow said in the microphone "I have something to say." Everyone hushed at his words.

Snow cleared his throat and began "For the past four years I have not also lied to you all... but myself. I have been keeping a secret that... was slowly eating me inside. I've lied to you all, to my friends, to my family, to my girlfriend and to myself. I am not the guy you see before you" Everyone looked at him with confused eyes.

"The truth of the matter is that... I... I've been fall in love with a brown-haired juvenile" Everyone, including the teachers, gasped in shock "Since I started high school, I have always been known there was an unique juvenile who owned unmatched virginity to make every guy covet, so I finally met him and using all sorts of tactics to lure rape him to make sure he completely belong to me. Then hid it so that you wouldn't judge me, so that I would hit in. I dated Serah because I couldn't say no; it was a part of the status quo. I am sorry to have lied to you Serah" he turned to Serah who had a look of both shock and sadness "I also have another confession... My virginity already gave to Noel Kreiss" Everyone's eyes widened with this news hitting them.

"I don't deserve your praise or your trust, I don't even deserve this crown on my head" Snow slowly took the crown off and placed it on the floor "All I wanted was your trust, your praises but... it's time I stop being selfish" He said then walked out of the gym.
'Now I have to look for Noel' he thought but stopped when he felt someone behind him.

Snow turned to see Sazh, Yeul and Serah behind him.
"And where do you think you're going?" Yeul asked with her hands on her hips.
"I was going to go look for Noel" Snow said with a serious tone "I have to find him"
"Well then we're going with you" Serah a benignant said.
"Yeah man, we can't let you go look for him yourself" Sazh grinned, causing Snow to smile.
Snow turned to Serah, who had a small smile on her face.
"Serah..." Serah walked up to Snow and sighed.
"I guess somewhere in my mind I knew" Snow smiled.
"I'm sorry Serah, I never wanted to use you like this" Serah nodded.
"It's perfectly fine, now let's go and look for Noel" Snow nodded quickly run down the halls of their large school with the others following him.

Sazh stopped and looked around "Do ya'll hear music?" Snow and the guys stopped and nodded.
"It's coming from down there!" Serah pointed to the end of the hall.
Everyone ran down the hall with Snow in the lead. 'Noel...'

Noel felt so free that it was unbelievable.
He felt like he was floating, like he was flying through clouds.
The tattoo guy next to him grinned and placed his hand on Noel's lap.
"That's it relax, take a load off" he whispered in Noel's ears.
Noel turned to him and smiled.
"You know, you're kinda cute" The tattoo guy said as he laid Noel down.
"What are you doing?" Noel unwilling but giggled.
"About to make you feel good" The tattoo guy said then placed his lips roughly on his own.
Noel can't help but blushed and moaned as the tattoo guy's hand reached into Noel's crotch inside and non-stop rubbing his Inexperienced Cock.
Suddenly though Noel heard shouting and felt the guy's body off of him.

Snow didn't know what came over him but once he saw that pothead on Noel he just lost it.
Snow rushed at the guy and pushed him up on the wall.
"What the fuck were you doing with my Noel?" He shouted in his face.
The man chuckled, making Snow even madder, so he slammed him on the desk and continued to punch at his face again and again until Sazh pulled Snow off of him and held him back.
"Calm down Football star!" Sazh said while struggling to hold Snow back.
Snow wanted to continue to smash the guy but saw Noel with indescribable sexy eyes smiling at him.
"Noel are you..." Noel giggled and nodded.
Snow quickly picked up Noel and walked out the room.
Snow looked back to see the other running up to him. "Call the limo guy and tell him to pull up to the school" Serah nodded quickly began to dial his number.
Snow placed Noel down on the steps and took his tux jacket off and placed it around him.
"It's gonna be okay Noel" Snow said and kissed him on the forehead.
Snow wrapped his arms around Noel and whispered that everything is going to fine.
Soon the limo drove and Snow gently picked up Noel and placed him in the Limo.
So they all climbed in and shut the door. "Drive us to my place" The limo driver nodded and drove slowly off out of the school's parking lot.

"So….you were the guy that Noel was talking about?" Yeul asked.
Snow looked at Yeul with a confused face "Noel talked about me?"
"Something like that" Yeul said softly.
Serah sighed and looked out the window.
"So that means that I was the girl, huh?" Snow looked at Serah with concerned eyes "So Noel finally loses his virginity and he got my boyfriend's, what till Claire hears about this" Serah giggled sadly.
Snow sighed and looked over at Noel.

Noel was busy counting how many buttons he has on his suit, starting over again and again. 'Why did Noel do this to himself?' Snow asked himself while wrapping his arms around the brown-haired juvenile.
Noel giggled and kissed Snow lightly on the lips.
"You k-know Snow, I always love you" Snow blushed and looked at him "My Big Snow Wolfy!" Snow's eyebrows twitched at the nickname and then he glared at his snickering friends.
It didn't help but Noel started singing a song about Snow being his 'Big Snow Wolfy' creating more embarrassment for Snow.

Eventually they stopped at his house, being a huge relief for Snow.
Everyone quickly got out and asked the limo driver wait for a while until they make sure that Snow alone could take care Noel as well.
Snow walked in his house and then to his room and placed Noel on his bed.
He slowly removed Noel's suit, leaving him in only his boxers and T-shirt.

Snow then walked downstairs to see his friends sitting in the large family room.
"I can't believe Noel would get high" Serah can't accept as true said "I thought he knew better"
"Well with all the shit that's been happening, I don't blame him" Sazh said in a matter of fact tone. "I don't know about you but I'm ready to hit the sack" Serah and Yeul agree with yawns.

"Guess I should go" Serah said tiredly then got up on the couch.
Sazh and yeul also got up the other side of the couch.
Sazh, Yeul and Serah once again take the limo to leave after confirmed Noel's situation has stabilized already.

After see them off, Snow walked upstairs and into his room.
He looked to see Noel fast asleep and smiled.
He walked in his bathroom and changed into his pajama pants then walked out of the bathroom and laid next to Noel.
He looked at Noel's peaceful face and smiled.
He grabbed Noel by his waist and brought him closer to him.
"Don't worry Noel... I gonna protect you" Snow whispered in Noel's hair "I love you"
Noel moved slightly "I love you too" He whispered back in his sleep, giving Snow a huge grin on his face.

Snow awoke to the sound of someone crying in his arms.
He looked down to see Noel sobbing as an abandoned puppy in Snow's Robust Masculine Chest.
"Noel... what's wrong?" Noel looked up with tears in his eyes.
"I-I... I-I was..."He wrapped his arms around Snow's Robust Masculine Waist and sobbed once again "I don't k-know what came over me... I just wanted everything to make since again!" Snow shushed Noel and held him tighter in his arms.

"It's okay Noel, it was mostly my fault in the first place" Snow whispered "I put you in a position that you didn't deserve to be in. I'm the blame for all of this" Noel's sobs slowly became quieter 
"But I told the whole school the truth" Noel looked up with his innocent Puppy-like eyes "I told that I've been fall in love with you, and that I only dated Serah because of my rep. I told them everything Noel... including that I had gave my virginity to you... my only, my love, my Noel... I love you" Snow with the most sincere feelings said softly 
"Your virginity... Y-Your first time was me?...Noel gasped at Snow's statement "Y-You love me?" Noel asked.

Snow gently smiled at him and continued "Yes Noel, I've been love you since I first saw you. I wanted to be with you so bad and now... now I don't even think I have a chance" Snow whispered but was surprised to feel Noel's arms being wrapped around his neck.

"I love you too, Snow" Snow gasped as Noel embraced him while saying those precious words "I care about you so much Snow. At first I hated you for what you have done to Serah and me but... I started to realize that you were just bear too much about how people would judge you and I started to understand you and the place that you were placed at. I don't know how but... I just couldn't stop thinking about you. I love you Snow Villiers" Snow couldn't control himself and smashed his lips onto Noel's lips.


Snow wrapped his arms around Noel's waist and went to his ear.
"Let me mate love you Noel" Snow said with desperation leaking in his voice "I want to show you how much I love you" Noel shyly nodded and let Snow attack his neck with slow and gentle kisses.
Noel moaned at Snow's blazing touch with stubble rubbing his skin and held onto his head.
Snow went back to Noel's lips and deepened the kiss.
Noel opened his mouth, wanting to feel Snow's tongue, and allowed Snow's blazing silky tongue to invade and take control of his mouth.

Noel grind his body with Snow's, sending electric signals to Snow's entire body.
Noel let go of the kiss and gently kissed Snow's neck and chin, loving the feel of his beard on his lips.
Snow groaned at this held Noel closer.
Noel slowly back away slightly and let Snow pulled off his T-shirt and then climbed back on Snow once more.

Snow went down to Noel's butt and slowly began squeezing and massaging it.
Noel's head buried in Snow's arms and non-stop kissing Snow as Snow's hands went under his underwear and began rubbing Noel's inexperienced naked tenuous ass.

"S-Snow" Snow's Colossus Cock's Masculine Meaty luring Noel moaned as his kissing began Snow's Robust Masculine Chest slowly down onto Abdominal Muscles.

Snow groaned as Noel's lips stopped at his crotch.
Noel lovingly looked up with sexy blushed then pulled Snow's pajama pants down, exposing his tight white boxer briefs and his large bulge.

Noel slowly began licking his bulge, making Snow moan and groan some more.
Noel slowly pulled down Snow's underwear and shyly stared at Snow's Robust Colossus Cock.
Snow's Robust Colossus Cock beating with excited pulse, bursts of rich bodied Colossus Cock's Masculine Meaty from its Head lured Noel high sex drive.

"Oh Snow..." Noel said softly, then involuntarily took hold of Snow's Robust Colossus Cock and slowly moved his hand up and down.

Noel's mouth hovered over Snow's Robust Colossus Cock Head and slowly moved down until he did best effort covered Snow's Robust Colossus Cock Head, then continually put at least half of Snow's Robust Colossus Cock size stuffed his mouth.

Noel slowly went up and down, getting more excited every time Snow would groan his name.
Noel then started to move his mouth to Snow's Robust Colossus Balls and slowly began licking then tenderly.
Noel went back his mouth to Snow's Robust Colossus Cock and started sucking Snow's Robust Colossus Cock Head up and down, enjoying the sweet taste of Snow's Robust Colossus Cock and the Pre-cum that was leaking out of it.

Noel started to go faster and faster until Snow grabbed hold of his head.
"F-Fuck Noel!" Snow shouted as his Robust Ejaculation burst out of Blazing Semen in Noel's mouth, a lot of semen becoming too much for Noel to bear, some of it spitting on Noel's face, and some of it spitting on the bed.

Snow looked at Noel and gently wiped it from his face. "I-I'm so sorry Noel. It's been a long time without mating with you... I couldn't control-" Snow stopped saying and indescribable delighted as he saw Noel particularly sexy blushed and shyly licking Snow's hand that he used to wipe off the semen.

"I want you inside me Snow..." Snow gulped and non-stop nodded at Noel.
Snow pulled down Noel's boxers and let him all fours then positioned Noel's inexperienced anal entrance in front of his Robust Colossus Cock.

For the mend fences let Snow exceptionally gentle and careful.
Taking into account his Robust Colossus Cock really too large probably will hurt up Noel, Snow two-pronged approach this time.

Snow wiped the semen of the bed and then smeared the thick sticky semen on his Robust Colossus Cock Head, and relied it let his huge Robust Colossus Cock Head slipped into Noel's inexperienced asshole inside.
"A-AAAH! S-SNOW... AHHH... SNOW" Noel can't help but lustful moaning and simultaneously felt the indescribable pain mingled with unspeakable pleasure when the Crown of Snow's Hard Robust Colossus Cock Head successfully broke into his inexperienced anal entrance.
Then Snow's hips muscle continually tighten, his robust waist start to forward pushed his Colossus Cock drilling Noel's inexperienced anal deep inside.
"A-A-AH! A-AAAH SNOW!" Noel lustfully moaned more as he felt an ultimate Infinite Lustful Pleasure wells up cause himself being filled by Snow's Robust Colossus Cock.

After Snow succeed of firmly fixed Noel's inexperienced ass with his Robust Colossus Cock, then Snow wrapped his arms around Noel, and together lying sideways on the bed.

Snow's Robust Colossus Cock slowly started to thrust In and Out of Noel's inexperienced anal with Barbarous Back and Forth Movements of his Robust Hips and Waist; in the room, except Masculinity Meaty along with bursts of blazing muscles flapping sound, only heard one after another Noel's moans and Snow's groans of pleasure.

After countless thrust, Snow started to go faster and harder then started pounding on Noel's ass.
Noel started to move with Snow and moan his name.

"O-OOh FUCK, that feels so Fucking good!!!" Snow grabbed Noel's waist tightly and brought his inexperienced anal closest to his Robust Colossus Cock and pounded with more and more force, Snow Not only determined his whole Cock completely inserted Noel's inexperienced anal deepest inside, but also determined each Fuck would pounded into Noel's inexperienced anal deepest inside.

Noel excitedly breathless and felt himself coming near orgasm.
"S-Snow…..I'm g-g-going to c-c-cum!" Snow listened and grabbed Noel's head tightly and made him look at him; Snow's Robust Colossus Cock continually In and Out non-stop pounding Noel's inexperienced anal with more and more violent Barbarous Back and Forth Movements offensive of his Robust Hips and Waist; his blazing breath brushing Noel's cheek, still non-stop thrusting into Noel deepest inside faster and harder.

Noel moaned loudly Snow's name, his body continuously followed Snow's hips rich rhythm movements back and forth.
"F-F-FUCK! NOEL! N-N-NOEL!" Meanwhile Snow loudly moaned with Noel's name as he felt Noel's inexperienced anal walls started wrapped around his Robust Colossus Cock more and more tightly, "A-AAH S-S-SNOW!!!" finally Noel ejaculated on Snow's bed; "N-N-NOEL!!!" simultaneously Noel's orgasm causing anal walls muscle contractions also causing Snow to ejaculate direct in Noel's inexperienced anal deep inside, filling him with his blazing seed.
Snow Wolf-like shouted Noel's name, grabbed Noel and both lay down on the bed.

Once Noel's breathing became normal a bit he looked what he did and shyly blushed. "I... Snow... I... um... on your bed" Snow grinned tiredly.
"It's fine Noel totally cool" Snow said and still tried to catch his breath while wrapping his arms around Noel and kissing his forehead "I love you Noel" Noel shyly smiled.
"I love you too Snow" He said then fell asleep in Snow's arms.
Snow satisfiedly smiled and fell asleep as well, feeling completely happy for the first time in his life.


Snow and Noel walked down the stairs, both with huge smiles on their faces.
Snow looked to see Rygdea smiling at them.
"Had a good night?" Rygdea asked with a knowing smirk.
They both bashfully awkward and nodded slowly.

"Rygdea I..." Snow involuntary stammered said with blushed.
"You know, you guys should really tone it down next time okay" Rygdea smirked "Or you'll wake up the neighborhood" Snow and Noel both blushed so much that some might mistake them for tomatoes.

Rygdea chuckled and pat Snow on the back. "I roughly know what happened last night already, don't worry son, we ain't gonna blast it out to the world" Snow grinned "We still can do that sometimes just like before,or you can do that yourself with a little help from your Noel" Rygdea poke fun at Snow with a teasing tone, Snow blush and glared at Rygdea.

Noel still blushed so much and surprised Snow and Rygdea's father-son relationship more like brothers, totally different from Hope and Mr. Estheim. "Come on lover boy, you both gotta get school before folks go off on ya" Snow indifferently sighed and opened the door.

Noel was about to walk past the door when Snow grabbed him by his arm.
Snow turned him around and placed a sweet kiss on Noel's lips.
"I was thinking that maybe this weekend you and I could spend it together" Noel shyly smiled and kissed Snow on the cheek. "Sure….My Big Snow Wolfy" Snow's eyebrows twitched once more.
Noel giggled and ran out of the house.
"You know we have to talk about that nickname!" he grinned and ran after him.
He eventually caught up to him and wrapped him in his arms around him.

"Hey, let me go!" Noel chuckled.
"You're lucky I love you" Snow said cheerfully.
"I love you too" Noel shyly answered.
"We better go before my old man start becoming impatient for watching our doing" Snow's eyes smartly moved to the direction of the Rygdea standing said and dazzlingly grinned then grabbed Noel's hand.
"Yeah" Noel shyly smiled and walked with Snow to the Chopper, both happy being with each other.

Happily Ever After...


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