Group's Interesting Final Fantasy XV Community Memoirs Part I

Archer san's

DDS Attack

Awesome Level:

πŸ† πŸ† πŸ† πŸ† πŸ†

Offense Level: S

Necessary Skills:
Warp (Noctis) and Royal Guard (Gladiolus)

Warp Attacks (Noctis)
R1 +

Royal Guard (Gladiolus feat Noctis)
Use L1 to choose
Learning Spend AP: 18   Spend Technology Bar: 1

Gladiolus would quickly move to guard Noctis with his shield and hit surrounding him enemies at the same time, then (press Attack button in right timing) he'll lend Noctis his shield to give enemies one high Harm Value (9999) hit + Continuous Attacks.

1. Pressing R1 + (no need to find high place, just press the buttons barbaric attacking to block enemies moves and never let go) to let Noctis use Warp Attack all the way (at the same time don't forget use Hi-Elixir all the way) until Technology Bar 1 overflowed at least.
 2. Use (choosing with L1) Royal Guard combo with Gladiolus.
3. Repeat 1, 2 until all enemies down.
Combo with Phantom Link will be GREATEST!

Final Fantasy XVI Love Gladio・Favorite Combo Gameplay 1

Dedicated to Moumuu san and my Group bros. Make each battle result Offense Level S!
A+ is sucks! Offense Level S for the real man - Archer

Jas san's


Necessary Items: Coins (For Making Magic To Earn Extra EXP)

Put all FFXV haters aside (their complaints were simply making them as a bunch of whining babies, so annoying. Totally exposed them not only fake FF fans but also childish trollers.). If you really play into it, you'll really find out the game is so catching and surprisingly easy to enjoy!
If you noticed the info, all FFXV gamers were very focus on trying all things done perfectly before Chapter 3 ended. (me too lol)

Reference Gameplay Videos

2,000,000 EXP in Chapter 3
Perfect EXP & Gil Grinding Spot in Chapter 3
Complete the Ultima Blade in Chapter 3!
Very Fast EXP FARMING 24K (from Chapter 3)

Not like other FF series. FFXV also let you very quickly reach Level 99 in Chapter 3! So enjoy it with very love heart, please.
Mobhunt totally was Supernatural debut lol Try to reach Hunter level 6 in Chapter 3 not only for more fun, but also would let you more deeply knowing into Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto 4 guys' beautiful bromance.
Then start entering Chapter 4, you'll very HIGH to enjoy the whole main story before Chapter 9!!!
(ps. during Ignis blind (after Chapter 9), I was very disliking Noct as he acted totally like a coward *thumbs down to him*, love you, Gladio ♥) - Jas

Moumuu san's

Memories from Chapter 1 to 7
(no scenario spoilers)

Noctis and his friends could not do anything but look at the fallen kingdom and enemy's battleships.
So far I like that cutscene the best! I wonder how they going to stand against Niflheim. I'm excited!
Cor is so strong and cool. Be with me forever please!
The Japanese voice actor is Hiroki Touchi who's playing Dean role in Supernatural :)

I knew Cindy was not at the gas station in Duscae. It means the event of Episode Duscae had been made only for Episode Duscae. You should not delete the demo X3

I ignored a main scenario quest and headed straight into prairies. It was the beginning of my hunting over 20 hours...

Then... Finally I did it. I completed MobhuntHunters of Secullam Pass”.
The secret is to take a distance quickly and shoot Prompto's Piercer when a Coeurl sat. If you do it this way, can safely break a Coeurl's instant kill attack position.

FFXV The 5 Coeurls クをール5匹 γƒ—γƒ­γƒ³γƒ—γƒˆγ•γ‚“γ«γͺんとかしてもらう

Prompto is really helpful, but he tends to die quickly. You have a gun, so stay away from a enemy lol
By the way, obviously Gravisphere is Zarya's Graviton Surge lol Gravisphere is super effective against Magitek soldiers!

Noctis's Ultimate Pose was very funny XD
I laughed, but also impressed a bit. Because that quest reminded me of the funny scenes of FF of PS1 era :)
I felt nostalgic about the gimmicks of the ice and volcano stage too.
The obese person who's in Lestallum looks totally like Jorge Garcia lol

Mobhunt, the giant eggs (Zu?), the locked door of the ice stage and the dungeons with stronger enemies...

I have a lot on my mind, but I will complete Chapter 3 next time and enjoy Chapter 4 that Jesse san recommended for me!

I have said that over and over, I really enjoyed The Trial of Titan.
Features that are not boring me such as a powerful Parry, the amazing song and the sudden Crash Bandicoot can be seen everywhere, and moreover, the flow of the story which lead from Gladio's pep talk to the temporary cooperation with Imperial Army was so exciting.
I enjoyed it even though it was a kind of QTE battle because I could feel a passion that wants to make players enjoy.
(In Japan, although low quality JPRGs are increasing due to the rise of developing cost and the decline of CS games, I think Square Enix is doing their best.)
Sorry, I'm off the topic (=w=;)
I have awoke to aerial attacks ever since I experienced Aranea boss battle. I should not waste a minute to earn AP 333 and get Airdance ability XD

Gladio care about Iris very much. In a side quest, he told Noct to give the picked flowers to Iris.

I think he has known her love for Noct since long before. Gladio is so nice.

Completed Dungeons
・Keycatrich Trench
・The Rock of Ravatogh
・Greyshire Glacial Grotto
・Fociaugh Hollow
・Daurell Caverns
・Malmalam Thicket
・The Myrlwood
・Steyliff Grove

I was in Vesperpool until yesterday. Ignis and Aranea are a perfect match (=w=)
I got the long awaited Shuriken at Myrlwood! Compared to the demo, it has been weakened, but it is my favorite weapon.
That reminds me, did you get Cerberus at Imperial base? This weapon is so fun too X3

Noise Blaster and Cerberus Locations
- Moumuu

Jesse san's

From Memoirs Part 2

Today I spend whole afternoon to play FFXV Chapter 4 until Chapter 9 opening.
After I completed prepare I started moving on.
I once pre-played Chapter 4 before, so this time I full of wishful heart to enter it.
I played Chapter 4 total 5 times! Each time had a very different pleasant experience (─‿‿─)♡ ...


1st time - Game Over caused by following Ardyn's car over 300m. (I felt - WTF? Are you serious, Ardyn?)
2nd time - I hit Ardyn's car... (=Ο‰=;)
3rd time - Game Glitched... Titan didn't wake up. (sounds like - Titan: WTF!? Lv 72!? just let me continue fall asleep.) ( =Ο‰=;)...
4th time - ( ̄▽ ̄) aww finally stay in normal, I beat Titan so full of love.
5th time - Play again (≧◡≦) Even Titan's huge hand slapping my head I still kicking alive and then I also kill all Niflheim soldiers ♡

Then I high speed cleaned Chapter 5 ~ 8 <( ̄︶ ̄)>
I like Iris and Gladio plus Noct's Trio Link Attack!
Thanks Moumuu! Fought Ariana Grande Aranea was too Happy X3 (I didn't notice I read the name wrong until I really play to that place... ahhh)

Gladio left me D: (I highly guess that would be Gladiolus DLC part story during his left) I felt sad so closed my eyes and playing super quickly until he came back to me D: (no aware Chapter 8 also over :p)

OK! That's my FFXV playing diary so far :0
Also need to do Group stuff... so FFXV game will stop for days :3
(because Chapter 9 is Luna death, so I need to level up preparing to make 2nd file point)
Have a happy day - Jesse

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