Devil May Cry 4 Characters Performance music video Trilogy I

DMC Devil May Cry 4 Nero Mission Fantasy 1:  
Nero is your Sunshine, Nero is my Sunshine

This Trilogy series is full of gameplay walkthrough style.
Trilogy I is "Nero Mission Fantasy 1: Nero is your Sunshine, Nero is my Sunshine", 
personasnowvilliers use my one of favorite singers - NAMIE AMURO's song to be its background music. And he did a great job to make this works no copyright problems anymore.
Also Rap part with Dante clips, he is really suit this performance (laughing)  

- Noel Kreiss - 

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we published Trilogy I / Don't Tell Dante Prequel, Trilogy II / Don't Tell Dante part 1: Amour, and the last private works, Trilogy III / Don't Tell Dante part 2: lustful first night.

Trilogy 1 Don't Tell Dante Prequel

Compare prequel and part 1, Prequel style was very manly and candid! Part 1 style was very gentle. Furthermore, Dante's dance clips was extremely difficult... BGM Editor gave these 2 videos background music very poles but inseparable from the spiritual.

Trilogy III / Don't Tell Dante part II: lustful first night was a more detailed description of Dante and Nero lustful sexual intercourse. Whole works, Dante is full of lustful desires and raped Nero.

Trilogy 2 Don't Tell Dante
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Trilogy 3 Don't Tell Dante part II: lustful first night


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