About Newest Completed Works of the Projects for Gradually Updated Creations III

Being Prepared

 In recent weeks,
we will complete upgrade 4 Castlevania Lords of Shadow Japan version creations from YouTube. 
And then those creations won't be appear on YouTube anymore. 
Those creations including:

Series Intro creation Castlevania Solitary Crusader

Chapter 1 & 2 Gameplay style Edit creation Castlevania Love Phantom

Chapter 78 Gameplay style Edit creation Castlevania Wandering of Love 

Chapter 9 10 Gameplay style Edit creation Castlevania Rock Man 
Chapter 11 & 12 Gameplay style Edit creation Castlevania Zero

These Castlevania creations contain so many memories to me but I still have to comply with the rules of the game on YouTube.
About Chapter 3 & 4 Gameplay style Edit creation Calling
Chapter 5 & 6 Gameplay style Edit creation Move I decided keeping them for myself.

(Well... I... I don't say rude words in public... but I still will fight for living on YouTube.
And then, I still will fuck YouTube up^^
Because I love to create game music videos. It's very funny^^)
OK! See you soon!