Group's Interesting Final Fantasy XV Community Memoirs Part VIII

Okay, thank to Aetos shared his review and informed us about Tyraneant debuted. But it's really bad that seemed our favorite Timed Quests always can't stay long as it's updated again in 3 days ago (Too bad... I only got 4 Wind-up Lord Vexxos form beat them up).
Of course, we always love to face strong enemies and enjoy the battle process. So here, I picked amazing snapshots from joined this Timed Quest gameplay friends (Actually more like Gladio solo show lol). If you missed or skipped this task, I must to say that's really a pity.
And most important part, we really felt different since Gladio is shirtless after he returned with Cor. You'll feel the same. It's really a different new feeling... enjoy  - Jas

Vs Tyraneant Special Platinum Snapshots

For against Tyraneant, we mostly stay in Hammerhead as our stronghold (we met Gentiana very often lol). Magic is very useful and necessary in this fight, so we usually asked Umbra sent us round trip between Hammerhead and Insomnia (Compared with back and forth all campsites in Lucis, get magic elements from Insomnia that's really save a lot of time).

Journey From Hammerhead To Insomnia Platinum Snapshots

Journey On The Road From Hammerhead To Insomnia Snapshots

As usual, we traveled between Old Lestallum and Hammerhead not only shopped camp food to avoid bad status, but also paid high cost to get an accommodation in order to obtain high EXP.

Enemies On The Road Snapshots I


Vs MA-X Angelus-0 Platinum Snapshots

I really feel so sorry for Snorre. Since The Ring Of The Lucii - Ring of Radiant Light debuted, vs MA-X Angelus-0 battle from legend into most dumbass crap. I'm so speechless...

Enemies On The Road Snapshots II



Timed Quest banned weapon - Ragnarok was very useful while collecting magic elements in Insomnia (Totally became a super speed run playthrough lol).
After we prepared completely, and then we're very calm to fight with Tyraneant. Team up with Gladio (Necessary Techniques Ascension: Impulse), plus Unicast III Magic: Ultimate Elemental Spells as auxiliary tool, and make sure to let Noct equips Greatswords (Completed time about 15 minutes around with Iron Duke, with Afro will be 10 minutes less).

Teamwork With Rondo Attack Vs Tyraneant Snapshots

Incidentally, Kawaii Prompto was very useless here. As long as possible to let him stay far away and take more snapshots for us that's very wonderful.

Hope you guys also enjoyed this pleasant Timed Quest. Along with defeated Tyraneant, latest Timed Quest published, too. That's a full speedrun Mobhunt task. But I have to say there is no any creative anymore. So yeah, played and also wish you guys have fun. ciaociao - Sherry

Best Angle Platinum Snapshots

6th Timed Quest Random Snapshots

Played hunt task for Tyraneant too late so it's kind of messed up lol Anyway, sincerely wish you guys all have alot of fun with it!
And Moumuu san bride dress business all goes well! You work so hard. Group friends, Snorre, Jesse and I all hope you'll make a lot of profit this year!
See you guys next round lol - Archer

 Posted by Edward

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