Final Fantasy XIV:Heavensward・竜詩 Cinematic Edition


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Final Fantasy XIVHeavensward竜詩
ファイナルファンタジー XIV:蒼天のイシュガルド・竜詩
DragonSong Cinematic Edition

Huh?... remember last posting I just said that "DragonSong clips along with the vocalist beautiful voice and sorrowful melody all perfectly matched together... blah blah blah" Can't believe my words were overthrown immediately... wtf lol
Final Fantasy XIV:Heavensward・竜詩 (DragonSong) was our latest Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Opening Movie project.
If you ask me why re-make the DragonSong?
Because we wanna exceed the original version as always. We only enjoy the best works. (Actually it's very easy to reach our goal this time... Before the blog, we'd started doing that lol)
Personally I'm so grateful my dear brother Snorre and Jesse could re-make DragonSong theme song video. 

(quoting image editor saying: What can I say... I love the song, but the original official Dragonsong music video image editing totally crashed after first minute. If a song is video's soul, the clips would be its shape to present the artistic conception. Anyway the video randomly displayed game event scenes, and never go together with the song.

(quoting music editor saying: as i said that interlude part need more powerful feelings, that's all

Ah Ah Ah...wipe sweat... no need so strict, guys the song was great itself, we knew that

Curious what we did it?
Check it out!
I'm guarantee you'll love it immediately!

 Post by Archer

 - Archer Hyur -

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