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A beautiful sunny morning,
A housewife began her eight hours daily living.
However, with the passage of time,
She was just a step by step to toward her deepest darkness and fear ahead...

A Woman's Day

- Through Glass -

This was a public awareness short film from Through Glass.
In just 147 seconds, This short film shows in front of us the most appalling fear of the colorful and bright sunlight.

A Woman's Day not only to highlight the domestic violence's darkness, but also let us found out traditional social values how to bully and crush women's rights.
They forbear to do never-ending but results of the last return not only endanger the safety of their own lives, may also spread to the next generation of innocent.

However, such similar events in today's pluralistic advanced society still emerging.
Under those owned bright smile and colourful dress women always hidden
countless scars and tears of horror...
Despite Our Progress
Women Still See This Everyday
Think About It...

- Jacinthe -

Post & Article by Jacinthe
Co-writers: Sherry & Archer

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