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Prologue Commentary

From Top Secret Events II, Wolves Snow Guys Infinite Lustful Flames Promise, ZERO, Snow's Religion!!! into Wolf-like Masculine Guys!!!, FINAL FANTASY XIII:AWAKEN fanfiction definitely will cohere plots of all.
After chatted with the fanfiction writers that I finally clear why Noel can have so many Snow guys If we consider the case of Caius and Yeul(s). As they told me that the short film and the fanfiction not the same. In short, various factors of the short film caused fanfiction story happen. At least, from the article of Prologue that I knew why Snow has no his bandana in FFXIII-2. The most interesting part was the Plus team created a Bold, Savage, Rebellious and Masculine Gangsta Hunk - Another Younger Snow (Oh, he's lustful A++ lol His special personality can also be known from "Wolves Snow Guys Infinite Lustful Flames Promise - Younger Snow", "Snow's Religion!!! - Older Snow" and "AWAKEN - Another Younger Snow" that three of Snow guys' actor lines to compare the individual differences of words and deeds. Very funny... (sweats))!
FINAL FANTASY XIII:AWAKEN fanfiction already set as 25+ adult only (But I would like to read it... Yep, I'm 25 already lol). Since the fanfiction has not been published yet, so I can not disclose content too much. But, hey! the short film is bloody awesome already!
Enjoy!!! And let's look forward to the fanfiction come out! - Archer



 Prologue story was Snoel series - Episode Zero's origin source, between Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2, while Snow (aka Older Snow of Snoel series) began the journey of searching Lightning for Serah. He accidentally entered future timeline and met Noel's grandfather - Nonus of Kreiss family.

 Persona Group Original 2nd Creation FINAL FANTASY XIII:AWAKEN・Prologue Short Film is out now! (Follow The Link Below To Enjoy)

 Persona Group Original 2nd Creation FINAL FANTASY XIII:AWAKEN・Infinite Lustful Forbidden Amours
 Fanfiction on Spring 2018!

 Posted by Archer



Snow's Religion!!!

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Infinite Lustful Blazing Semen・Immortal Promise Of The Wolves

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