Volt Krueger's Overwatch:The Lost Dragon・Hanzo's Untold Amours


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Hanzo Present!

Seeking power I killed my brother, but without him, I am lost... - Hanzo -


Finally finished one work... (prone down on the ground and panting) Lately each member is really busy as each project always hurriedly completed... Not about hastily rough quality but worked together chance continuously reduced.
Lol Project proposals were submitted more and more but only carried out a few actually.
Anyway, temporarily put these annoying stuffs aside and talk about our newest works - Overwatch:The Lost Dragon・Hanzo's Untold Amours.

It's been awhile we have no any project to combine with Volt Krueger's animation works. He already is a famous 3D animator now. Ah, NSFW of course...
This time we're very excited that he published an upcoming PS4 video game - Overwatch animation works! Of course we won't miss this great opportunity to complete a favorite dream.
Hanzo Shimada! aww We love him so much!!! Although one and another Overwatch cinematic trailer was released we only have a soft spot for him - Hanzo Shimada キャャャ~ Ah, I know other upcoming characters also are charming, but Hanzo is the best for me. Love what I want, I'm not a gameplayer anyway lol

The short film footages adapted from Overwatch cinematic trailer - Dragons. Based on very personal reason, so we demonstratively showing the project very magnificent and blazing aesthetic, even though it contains adult clips but only to make it more blazing beautiful. And the project results as if became the trailer short film's adult alternate edition.
Even so... while I finished Overwatch:The Lost Dragon・Hanzo's Untold Amours, I seemed to feel Overwatch fans non-stopped stabbing me... lol

For the fangirl project, personally I'm very glad to complete another crystal dream again. Thank you so much, Volt.

Volt Krueger

OK, enjoy and have a great last week of May!

- Persona Group Plus -

Volt Krueger's OVERWATCH:THE LOST DRAGON・Hanzo's Untold Amours

Password Hanzo and Genji

Hanzo At Your Service!

Volt Krueger's Overwatch:The Lost Dragon・Hanzo's Untold Amours

A short film by Volt Krueger

Video Images & Background Music Edited by Persona Group Plus 

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