Saint Seiya:聖闘士星矢・AMV4

Saint Seiya:聖闘士星矢・AMV4 although I created in honor of Shingo Araki but the content was from the original TV series OMEGA.
My another purpose was intended to let audience to compare the differences between 1st generation and derivative works. As we knew, the major factor caused by the character designers. Since Soul of Gold published, The original designer not only given the characters unique wild but also owned the charm of lifting up audience primitive instinct, all vanished here...
Nothing to do with the anime plot, just I totally felt childish and girlish art style with my impression while watching these OPs.
But yeah, this AMV was super badass lol Not blowing my own trumpet, I fucking nailed it totally 🤘
R.I.P. Shingo Araki. You're the best! - Aetos

Saint Seiya聖闘士星矢AMV4

 A fan made AMV Saint Seiya:聖闘士星矢・AMV4 / Images & Background Music Edited by personahyacinth personaarcher of Persona Group

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