Rodolfo M. Trenado Montes & puppy Lucky

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Rodolfo, Lazn's friend & Ex-partner.
Even if you kill me, I won't tell anyone I write a post in here...
So yeah, I'm not very knowing about him or I should say: Totally not. Be honesty, I contacted him once and he totally ignored me. He just happy talk with the other Youtubers for his video which named Noel and Serah's kiss...
I had a very bad impression for 3D artists since that moment. (Of course not all his fault, just with the other 3D artist events happened in the same time)
I would have this motivation to talk with him again that's really a extremely accidental opportunity... Because I want to save a puppy Lucky who he hopes to give up for adoption.
However, I chat with him for a few days... Maybe he knew that I'm Lazn's friend from my account, so he patiently talk with me this time. As I said, I don't know him at all... but I can say that his demeanor to mature a lot more than last year.
Anyway, after he told me that his brother and him kept Lucky, I'm rest assured.
About how I found Lucky's info, it's another story, and even if you kill me (again) that I still won't say anything.
So, I write this post as a prize to him.
Only hope his novels sell well for Lucky's alimony & happiness...
Sincerely Wishes for it...

- Noel Kreiss -

Rodolfo M. Trenado Montes

Self Brief Introduction
My name is Rodolfo M. Trenado Montes and I'm 18.
Ever since I was young I've been interested in everything related to animation, design and cinematography.
I've always loved films, video games, fantasy stories etc...
But I like more to create my own stories. That's how I decided to write a book, and then a saga.

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◆Leyenda = Legend
◆This is a Spanish novel series
Because our blog makes NO commercial advertising behavior, interested his works of visitors can follow above DeviantART or YouTube accounts to contact him with private message for ordering details. His Blog is also published sales locations.

The 112 Leyends of the Black Raven Saga Synopsis:

Rick, Maria, Clara, Sira, Katherine, Alisa, Sara, Krozandir and Zelan... Their intertwined fates will become Fenirión's eternal psalms and legends...

The 112 Leyends of the Black Raven is a series novels, describes how two teenagers discover the unknown fantastic world - Fenirión, and embark on this unprecedented of amazing journey. It's a full of magical color and legendary adventure novel series.

The Dance of the Black Raven

Whole story began in an almost forgotten lost name of the city - Lluvia, it's dubbed - Burned Houses now... The origin of the name of the city because its west area once happened a severe fire and burned a huge of number houses named.

Living in the southern of the city Norton Family order to their 16-year-old son - Rick Norton entry the region's most prestigious institute, couple of Norton - Jack and Demi moved to the northern part of the city.
 Rick moved to a new residence is an ancient mansion called White Tree which planted the white dogwoods in the main courtyard of the house. Merely Rick never know it hides dark secret more than his imagination...

Living in one of the oldest buildings in the city, attending the region's most prestigious institute, make new friends... Walk to school Rick is enjoying his everyday.
But Rick soon realized some schoolmates are unusual, and the key closely related with a mysterious girl - Maria...

However, the two teenagers' encounter is the beginning of the suffering & arduous test of fate... Death God - Thanatos already opened a path to the death of no return for greet them...
An infinitely magical of Journey in the fantastic world - Fenirión embarked...

Episode I: The Dance of the Black Raven Chronicles
Some characters would be mentioned during the story narration, and whose past won't be completely displayed during the first one of saga.
At least they still won't be started until the second book is finished.

The 1st episode - The Dance of the Black Raven and the 2nd edisode - Phoenix Heart and Dragon Soul is already finished, all the information can be found from them. Each book has its own individual section with data and images.

Phoenix Heart and Dragon Soul

Although the passage of time kept, but the heart of the scars never disappeared...
While Rick is wrestling with his own destiny, Zelan embarks on another new journey with Sira and Krozandir.
They are going to go looking for what matters most, and they need to stand tall to confront the powerful church and explore its past...

Meanwhile, Dyana,the princess of the nocturnal city Pendresyll, She has been suffering from exile by Death God - Thanatos.
Now, In order to restore their dignity and honor, she returns with her people, and also ready to regain her throne!

For Pendresyll to come forward and open up a new era! Accompany Zelan, Krozandir and Dyana go through treachery, corruption, friendship, love, mystery and magic in the Fenirión world!
In this process of paradoxical and confusing adventure, there is no absolute truth is imagined as it seems...
But the adventure trails of Zelan, Krozandir and Dyana will be marked in the lost psalms of Fenirión.

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Warrior Elegy
Krozandir's Psalm

When the sun sets,
We call our home.

When the sun rises,
We will set off,
To march to a place,
Greet adventures and more,
Lots more...

When I fall,
Our home will cry.
And when you fall,
We will meet again,
In one place, Valhalla,
Where you will rest...
In peace.

Y cuando caiga el sol,
nuestro hogar nos llamará.

Y cuando salga el sol,
nos volveremos a marchar,
a marchar a un lugar,
de aventuras y más,
mucho más.

Y cuando caiga yo,
Nuestro hogar llorará,
y cuando caigas tú,
nos volveremos a encontrar,
en un lugar,
Valhala,donde descansarás,
en paz.

Translation by Jas
Original Author Popo

The 112 Leyends of the Black Raven Blog:

The Dance of the Black Raven

Phoenix Heart and Dragon Soul

To Be Continued...

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