Tyraneant Returns:FINAL FANTASY XV Gameplay・氷と火と雷のラグナロク

Ah! Tyraneant Returns:FINAL FANTASY XV Gameplay・氷と火と雷のラグナロク! I love the name... Thank to Jas and Jesse named the title for my gameplay. All along ask Group friends record gameplay videos for past posts, but this one is really cool and complicated so I recorded a demo with the post. Hope my tips can help you guys reach your gameplay goals.
Also, I had hiatus for a while, so some steps may not smoothly mastered as well as rarely played Chinese version. Anyway tried to be calm with my pace to make viewers clearly understand how to create your own style gameplay. About the combo, I was surprised Noct and Ignis would have so perfectly powerful combination link attack (Basically Noct's each slash reached Ragnarok standard) lol Weekend is coming! Just take the chance to fight for Wind-up Lord Vexxos!

Tyraneant ReturnsFINAL FANTASY XV Gameplay・ラグナロク

Limit Break Spells
Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga (Each created with Wind-up Lord Vexxos x 2)

Commando Abilities
Ignis Techniques: Enhancement / (Befriend) Gladiolus Techniques: Dawnhammer & Impulse / (Befriend) Prompto Techniques: Recoil

Necessary Items And Weapon
Megalixir / (Befriend) Power EX / (Befriend) Verve WX / Afro Sword

Do NOT save file after each battle! It's totally waste precious items. Unless get rare item - Wind-up Lord Vexxos, Otherwise, reload the file to play (Earned QP will never lost, I'm also sure every gamer level already is good enough, Exp also is pointless anymore, just let go).

Best Platinum Snapshots


 Snapshots by Jas


 Snapshots by Sherry

The Shape Of You In My Eyes

 Snapshots by Jesse


 Snapshots by Archer


 Snapshots by Jake


 Snapshots by Yama & Harlock


 Snapshots by Jas

Last, before battle, don't forget to equip Ribbon and important Camp food.

Best wishes to you have a good fight! See you next round - Archer

 Posted by Archer

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Jake & Sherry 
Yama & Harlock
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