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It's Time

It's Time.
End Marriage Discrimination.

- GetUp! -

This was a public awareness short film from GetUp! Australia.
In just 115 seconds, the film is presented to the switching point at the whole new life stage of a stranger in front of us.
It's Time not only to the demands of gay marriage rights, but also let us found out we're all the same - human beings.

To be realistic thinking, maybe you would deliberately exclude gay groups.
But life is unpredictable... who stood on the top of swearing were also no guarantee won't be the tomorrow disadvantaged, isn't it?
More tolerance and wisdom is in line with the trend of policy on the world today.
For personally romantic mind, this video may well be an excellent and inspiring warm comedy.
But not everyone will have a wonderful life ending, it is the viewer needs to have the wisdom and attitude.

Last, sincerely recommend to you... Not only for this works theme, but also for everything surrounding you.
If you really pursuit of the only one, do not let it slip away easily from the hands...

- Jacinthe -

Post & Article by Jacinthe
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